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Keeping that Barber Shop Look: Grooming tips to help men look their best at all times

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There is a special feeling when a guy steps out of the barber shop.

Newly cropped and perfectly styled hair, refreshed skin, a clean shave add an air of confidence; to borrow a line from Saturday Night Live, when you look good, you feel good. But it’s rare that the average guy replicates the clean look and perfectly styled hair, not to mention the fresh, clean feeling, on their own.

“There is a bit of a misconception out there that it is too hard, or guys don’t have the talent, to help them maintain that barber shop look and feel,” says Steve Tallis, co-founder of Starks Barber Company. “But it doesn’t take a lot of work; rather, it requires the right tools and materials, and a little bit of know-how and they can always keep that confident air that comes with looking good.”

With three corporate locations — owned by Tallis and his business partner Ryan McLachlan — in Yonge Lawrence Village on Yonge Street in Toronto, in Unionville and Brooklin, north of Whitby, and the company’s first franchise store opening later this summer in Stouffville, Starks Barber Company seeks to provide men not only an upscale barber experience, but also provide the knowledge to maintain the style and treat their hair and skin properly.

Starks offers men the following grooming tips to keep their great look going between visits to the barber chair:

  • Don’t forget the conditioner. Shampoo gets your hair clean, but conditioner helps keep it looking full and healthy. Conditioner does for your hair what moisturizer does for skin, keeping it soft and manageable.
  • Speaking of moisturizer …. Most men don’t care for their skin enough or properly, particularly after going through the rigors of shaving. What your skin needs after a shave is hydration, but some of the most popular aftershaves on the market are loaded with alcohol — and alcohol dries out the skin. (Good tip here: If your aftershave stings when you put it on, chances are it has alcohol in it.) A good quality moisturizer is a great anti-aging agent, and you can use it between shaves to keep your face (or any part of your body) looking healthy and vibrant.
  • Prepare before you shave. It may be an extra step, but your face will thank you for applying a pre-shave lotion before applying your shaving cream. A hydrating pre-shave lotion shocks the skin and gets your stubble standing on end to prepare it for the shave. (Another tip: when you shave, do so right after a hot shower, which softens your skin and opens your pores.)
  • Maintain your style. Depending on the look you are after, you may need a certain type of pomade or even a hair spray. There are products with a matte finish and others that leave your hair looking shiny. Some have firm hold and some barely any hold at all so your hair just falls naturally. Your barber can recommend what would be best for you and your hair style because they see a multitude of different hair types daily.
  • Take care of your hands. When meeting new people or greeting old friends, your hands are among the first contact you will have with them — whether via handshake or a friendly hug. First impressions matter, so keep your nails neatly trimmed and use moisturizer to help keep your hands free of callous and rough edges.

“Even with all of this home maintenance, it is still important that guys come get regular, professional service to keep their look current and fresh,” says Steve. “It’s just like their car. They can do work around the edges, but the tune ups are best left to the professionals.”

For more information, please visit Follow Starks Barber Company on Instagram @starksbarberco, Twitter @StarksBarberCo and Facebook at /StarksBarberCompany. Check out their YouTube Channel Starks TUBE.

About Starks Barber Company:

Starks Barber Company offers traditional barber services in an upscale and sophisticated setting. Using top quality products and skilled stylists, Starks caters to the discerning man with a full menu of services that includes haircuts, hot towel shaves, clay mask, straight razor detailing, beard and moustache care, eyebrow waxing/trim, manicures and colouring.


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