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Mens Hairstyles That Are Here to Stay

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A man’s haircut has always been a measure of success for decades. Historically, some mens hairstyles would be used as an identifier of masculinity and class. Well, nowadays things haven’t changed so much and regardless of some tweaks to the texture and length, some styles have remained the same.

What used to be admired in the Roman emperors still can look great on modern men. So, these mens hairstyles still serve the same purpose they used to serve back those days, and you can take this chance to rock these mens hairstyles and have a test of the legends who used to wear them. Here are some styles for your inspiration.

  1. Alexander the Great’s Messy Hairstyle.

It is not simple to lead a great kingdom like the Macedonian empire. When you have so many territories you need to conquer; you don’t have to worry about using a styling mousse. That is why Alexander the great chose a messy and tousled look that is low maintenance and easy to style mens hairstyle.


This hairstyle is styled by pushing it back away from the face and tucking it behind the ears. This way, the hair frames your face naturally. If you want to wear it to work, do so only if your superiors will not confuse “texture” to “messy.” You should rock it without any facial hair and beard; otherwise, the entire look will appear untidy.

  1. Brad Pitt’s Buzz Cut.

This Pitt’s haircut store many men’s hearts in the easy 2005. It was the most preferred mens hairstyle after guys got bored with the common short back and sides cuts. It is an easy haircut that you can achieve at home using hair clippers if you need a uniform length. However, for men who want to cover protruding occipital borne or scars, it is better you go to a professional barber.

  1. JFK’s Ivy League.

Put aside your bushy sideburns and pompadours, this mens hairstyle of the 1950s was a big thing. Also called Princeton or Harvard Clip, this beautiful preppy is a longer version of the popular military crew cut.

Made famous by JFK, the long length at the top gives you more options to style it at the top- traditionally, it was styled into a side part. To get this style, you should use a grade five on the sides and the back, blending to three downwards and then reduce to two at the nape of the neck. Leave enough length at the crown and then trim it using scissors to maintain everything looking neat and clean. Use medium hold to keep it in place and then apply some shine product.



  1. David Beckham’s Textured Quiff.

Undoubtedly, Beckham’s hairstyle makes into our best mens hairstyles list thanks to its contemporary classicism. Basically, this hairstyle is here to stay. In this haircut, no clippers should be used, just cut the sides and back hair with scissors to give the style some texture and subtle contrast. This is quite a floppy hairstyle for men. It looks great for medium to thick hair.

  1. Jean Michael Short Dreads.

We all remember Jean Michel Basquiat and his music career which lasted for nine years, but his short dreads and music is something that will never go away. His dreads still inspires many people today.

  1. River Phoenix’s Textured Style.

Apart from such ridiculous things men used to wear and do such as bell-bottoms and discos, the 70s was known as the time when men started experimenting womanly things such as long mens hairstyles. This was the first-time men wore long hairstyles.

And if you thought this trend stopped, it continued to 1980s, when upcoming artists like River Phoenix maintained the look.

To rock this great hairstyle for men, ask your stylist to include layers that play an essential role in adding softness and volume to the entire style. Always bear in your mind this fundamental rule; long hair should always have long layers. Everything comes to visual balancing, so you don’t end up wearing two hairstyles in one.

Opt for strengthening shampoo and conditioner to maintain your long locks, while adding some texturizing cream will boost volume and give your style definition.



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