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Red Moose: Good Stuff for Good Shoes

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Good Stuff for Good Shoes: Carefully crafted, first-class collection of leather care and accessories at affordable prices. Say hello to Red Moose.

For the Love of Shoes & Endless Adventure

We never thought we’d get excited about shoe care, but then we came across Red Moose, and we discovered a treasure trove of ‘good stuff for good shoes’ that ‘does exactly what it says on the tin’. We found the brand’s understated yet pronounced promise indicative of the refreshingly humble yet proud underpinnings that run through every one of their products.

At Swagger, our goal is to empower men to confidently pursue a life of sophistication, adventure, and purpose. When people who know shoes take the time and effort to create a brand that combines a mixture of class, practicality, and accessibility, we take notice.

In Red Moose, we’ve identified a shoe care brand that not only knows its suede from its nubuck,  and its cowhide from its calfskin from its cordovan, but one that knows its mind and its place and brings shoe care to the level of an affordable, accessible feel-good indulgence and method of self-care. Red Moose has made it its mission to bring purpose and innovation to the shoe maintenance niche, and they’ve done a darn good job of it, giving the category the freshness and momentum it’s been lacking to date.

After testing hundreds of shoe care products that ran the gamut from cheap and inferior to premium but prohibitively pricey, the founders at Red Moose set out to create that elusive balance: premium old-world quality, manufactured with only the best materials and ingredients, along with an accessible price point that anyone with shoes worth maintaining could afford. What emerged from their quest was a brand that’s simultaneously new and old, and humble and bold.

So, what’s the difference

…between a Red Moose tin of polish and the ones that are probably tucked away in your shoe care cabinet?

Premium intense pigments for richer, bolder, truer colors. A rich and creamy formula that isn’t watered down to ‘make it go further’ but formulated to create the perfect texture for optimal absorption and smooth application. Luxuriantly enriched with all-natural conditioners that nourish and protect the fibers and finish of natural leathers. And the kicker? They’re made right here in our own backyard (ahem, in the good ol’ USofA) with American pride and workmanship.

Unconcealed zeal for shoe appeal

The Red Moose brand was created by shoe enthusiasts with years of immersive experience and hands-on expertise, out of a desire to both educate the consumer on how and why to care for and preserve their footwear and leatherwear, and then deliver the products that allow them to do so effectively and greatly.

Smaller batch, handcrafted formulas, and products

Rather than being developed as the dollars and cents driven consideration of commercial conglomerates (as is typical in this industry), refreshingly, each of their products was created deliberately and intentionally, driven by passion, not commercialization.

So, what have they got? Meet their (ever-expanding) Lineup

With proper care, you can extend the life of your shoes and boots to keep them in tip-top shape, but it’s important to choose the right products. Red Moose uses the finest ingredients and superior quality materials in their shoe care products to keep your shoes looking and feeling their best. Here’s what they’ve got so far:

Polishing Creams – Red Moose’s Cream Polish preserves and restores faded footwear and all leather goods, while gentle cleaners remove stains without damaging the leather. Scuffed, scratched, and dull shoes emerge renewed and rejuvenated from a Red Moose makeover. The cream polishes add color and nourish leather with a medium shine.

Polishing WaxJust like any other article of clothing, shoes need regular cleaning and maintenance. Keep your shoes gleaming and protected against water, scuffs, and scratches. Without polishing your shoes, you’re heralding an earlier demise of the shoe than necessary. Leather is a porous material and a wax polish protects the shoe from the elements.

Conditioner Moisturize leather, keeping it from getting dry and cracked. It gets absorbed into the leather, keeping layers of old polish from gunking up, and moisturizes, leaving shoes soft and supple. You should use the conditioner at least once a month, no matter how often you wear your shoes.

Shoe Care Kits A staple for everyone’s shoe arsenal, a comprehensive shoe care kit offers quality cleaning, polishing, and protective products that work side-by-side with luxurious brushes and cloths to keep those kicks looking their best.  *Pro-tip: for a glossier shine, always buff with a chamois cloth. (You’ll find a super-soft lint-free one included in many Red Moose kits.)

Shoehorns A good shoehorn is essential for putting shoes on properly and preventing leather cracks and creases. Quality metal materials and an innovative design make putting on shoes a cinch, even for the widest foot. Choose from 7.5” or 16” in a variety of striking colors.

OK, so you’re motivated to not only restore your lackluster, worn-out shoes but also maintain them so they keep their shine going, so here are some of our faves that are garnering noteworthy raves:

Genuine Milk OilHydrates, prevents stains, waterproofs, and extends the life of leather, suede, nubuck, rough-out, vinyl, and plastic.

Instant Shoe Shine Sponge Formulated to deliver the perfect sheen without having to use liquid, wax, or shoe polish.

Sneaker Cleaner Foaming cleanser deep cleans the soles, tops, and tongues of sneakers or any shoe with a crisp, white sole in just a few minutes. 

Suede Brush & Eraser SetUse the suede brush and suede eraser to touch up and restore dress shoes, boots, slippers, kid’s shoes, handbags, jackets, and accessories.

Put a swagger in your step

When you care for your shoes, your shoes will:

  • Make a stellar first impression
  • Maintain their shape and condition
  • Last longer
  • Save you money (and time!) on having to replace shoes more frequently
  • Make a great lasting impression

For tips and tricks on how to care for your shoes and fine leatherware, head on over to and brush up on the tools and techniques to keep you well-shod and well-heeled (plus snag a 15% off coupon on your next purchase using promo code SWAGGER).

Raise your antler if you’re ready to up your game and move on from the mediocre. For the love of shoes, give your kicks the gift of Red Moose. 


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