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The Top 5 Reasons Why Beards Aren’t Just for Hipsters

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Today’s bearded man does not simply wear his facial hair long just because he wants to be recognized as some trend setting hipster. In fact, men today display awesome qualities that are synonymous with the beard, and for good reason. The beardsmen of today are tenacious, they are resourceful, and they are most certainly masculine. That is at least how they wish to be perceived, and putting away those shaving devices and letting their freak flag fly today is all about unique qualities that separate the average man from the mountain man. Why do guys today grow those long flowing beards? Here are the top five reasons why beards aren’t just for hipsters.

1. Keeping That Face Warm
Many centuries ago the men would grow out their beards out of necessity to stay warm. Shaving was not a priority or a job requisite, and it actually helped men to keep warm while on the hunt for food. Fast forward to today and you will see men living in colder climates still protecting their faces by growing a thick beard. Regardless where a man lives today, the harsh elements can do serious damage to the skin, so growing the beard can help to keep the face safe and looking good. While the ladies consider these beards as easy on the eyes, men living in the harsh conditions of Montreal, Liverpool, or Minneapolis utilize their facial hair to keep just a little warmer when those freezing temperatures set in.

2. Transforming the Face
One of the reasons why beards aren’t just for hipsters, some guys just don’t have that face you want to write home about. Some men just have facial features that don’t canst them in a very good light. Other guys with skin conditions like acne have found a way to transform the face without waiting for what seems like years for their condition to improve. The beard allows guys to quickly and easily transform the look of their facial features and develop that aura of masculinity. By hiding areas of the face that are not that flattering, you bolster your confidence and basically are building a hair canopy for the face. Heavy-set guys can add predominance to their jaw-line by heightening those features. Guys with baby faces will instantly transform the look and have every girl within a five-mile radius honing in on his signal.


3. Up for the Challenge
The one thing about guys is that they are always up for a challenge or dare. A guy might not be willing to be strapped to a bungee cord and jump off a bridge unless he is dared by his entourage. The same goes for the beard, put the guy to the test and he will gladly accept the challenge. Whether the guys demand this guy man up and stop shaving for Movember or that cute receptionist at work comments he would look hot with a beard, when the challenge is issued, a real man will step up and put down his razor for as long as necessary. Now if someone you are fond of or have been trying to make inroads with for a long time suggest growing out the facial hair, the real beardsmen inside jumps at the opportunity. In many cases it only takes a nudge of encouragement to actually change a man’s life for the better.

4. The Lazy Way Out
Never underestimate the extremes a man will go through to get out of doing just about anything. This includes shaving and maintaining that clean-shaven look too. Once a guy discovers that he can save a few hours a week in the bathroom shaving, and he can save money on shaving products by letting the facial hair grow out, rest assured he is on the case. For most guys, shaving is not as fun as it appears in all those razor blade commercials. Bleeding and burning skin is not attractive or pleasant, and many guys have taken on the challenge to kick back and just let nature take its course when it comes to growing out that man beard. It takes far less time to just trim up the beard a few times a week than shaving, so laziness wins this battle hands down.

5. Looking Super Cool
This fact will come as no shock to anyone, bearded guys look hotter than other men, period. Whether you go for the groomed approach or you let the facial hair run wild, you make a more lasting impression with the ladies and with any alpha male looking to take charge of the room. Letting the body do what it was designed to do is the easy part, stepping up and filling in the big shoes of a masculine beardsmen is a challenge at first. Sometimes the best thing to say is absolutely nothing, let the beard do all the talking and you will be just fine.



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