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Ursa Major Essential Mens Face Wipes

Sailun Tires

We’ve entered the new age of man. Men want to look just as good as women do and better. One issue, men do not have the same skin care products, and facial cleansers to take on the manly grit of聽daily abuse a Swagger man goes through.

No man wants to use a face wash that smells like bubblegum and roses. Men want a聽scent that women crave from their gentlemen. This is where Ursa steps in. These Essential wipes not only take care of the skin cleansing that men usually don’t cover in their daily face washing expeditions, but it also聽leaves the scent of a “clean” man. You could literally wipe your face with these wipes and minutes later receive comments from women like, “what cologne are you wearing? its hot” or “wow you smell fresh”. The scent is subtle, but manly and we at Swagger have tested these wipes through and through, and we give it our Swagger approval.

If you haven’t found a cleansing wipe that cleans your manly mug and keeps your manhood intact, make sure you try聽Ursa Major鈥檚 Essential聽Facial聽Wipes yourself.



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