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What’s in Your Travel Shaving Kit?

Sailun Tires

What’s in your shaving travel kit? Traveling a lot for my job, I tend to look forward to
the little time I have to myself after just checking into a hotel (or motel depending on
who’s footing the bill). The first thing I unpack is my shaving kit. Now, I don’t know
about you but I feel my facial scruff grows much faster in transit, thus adding to that
grimy feeling by the time I get to my destination. So the first thing I want to do is climb
into a clean shower then shave. Knowing this is my M.O., I take special care in putting
a travel shaving kit together. For a little preparation goes a long way when you are
weary and winded.

If I can fit it in a take a beard trimmer. THis is essential as the beard is highly important
in the apperance when travelling. Usually it is the first thing to go out of wack during travel.
I have my own and dont typical endorse any specific brands, but if you don’t have one,
you can find one that suits your particular style and routine by reading some reviews
on some trimmers.

My toiletry bag of choice is by “Penguin Bags”. It’s a masculine brown leather toiletry
bag that you can palm in your hand like a football, with one big zipper pocket, and
a smaller lo-profile zip around pocket on the bottom. The bottom of the bag has a
rubber no slip coating which lengthens the life of the bag and protects what is kept in
the lower compartment. Inside the big pocket I keep my travel safety razor, a smaller
lighter version of the butterfly safety razor I use at home. It comes in a hard shell
plastic travel case that is equipped with a small mirror under the lid, perfect for using
in a hot shower (shaving in the shower is key), or when camping. It fits a small brush
to clean the components, and there is enough room for about 5 replaceable double
sided blades [which cost pennies a piece]. If you are still using disposable blades, or
the Mach whatever, it’s time to toss those toys out and get in the game with the big
boys. Simply put, a safety razor is the most economical and closest shave you will ever
achieve, period.

Also included in my travel shaving kit is a small plastic bowl with a screw-on cap where
inside lives a bay rum scented shaving puck or cake. Along side it, in a zip lock bag I
keep an old Vegan Badger Hair shaving brush to whirl up the soap and apply it to my
face. Some men travel with a real badger hair brush but this doesn’t last. The wear and
tear of the road, and putting the brush while still wet back in the zip lock is one way to
kill a really nice brush. The badger hair will start to smell and eventually grow mildew.
Be smart, go for the synthetic version it gets the job done just as well and will last

Finally, I include an astringent pencil just in case. If you are not familiar with what one
is, think about that little white tube your dad had in the medicine cabinet that contained
a magic crystal with the power to stop a shaving nick from bleeding, instantly.
Historically, astringent sticks were made from aluminum, and a lot still are today, but
if you are in the know, than you know it’s a good idea to avoid products containing
aluminum. If you are not in the know, aluminum affects the musculoskeletal system
and brain, causing muscle weakness, bone pain, osteoporosis, delayed growth in
children, altered mental abilities, dementia and seizures…so consider yourself warned.
Luckily, there are at least one or two natural, organic astringent sticks on the market
that get the job done without negative side effects. I use one by Petal Pusher Fancies.

Having an astringent stick is a far better plan than using toilet paper, which more often
than not you will forget on your face in your rush out the door.

Being Moustache March, and soon to be Mustache May, then Movember, I have a
rather wicked cookie duster (moustache) sprouting under my nose at the moment.
So in order to keep my fuzzy friend tamed and in shape I also keep a small tin of
organic “Dandy Candy Moustache Wax” and a stache comb in my kit. If you have never
experimented with moustache wax I say give it a try. Not only is it perfect for keeping
the whiskers in place and out of your mouth it’s also great for the beard, eyebrows, and
an emergency lip balm. More and more trend setting, young professionals are getting
hip to this stuff. I recommend a bay rum scented wax. [I am a huge fan of bay rum if
you cannot tell, and so are the fillies.]

Finally, the last thing in my shaving kit is a small bottle of some great smelling organic
Steam River Rum (bay rum) Moisturizer. Far superior to aftershave, better for your skin,
and more effective. You also get more bang for your buck with moisturizer, it takes up
less space and can be used after the beach or as a quick refresher if there is no time
for a shower, and you’re invited for a cocktail.

That completes the shaving aspect of what’s in my travel kit. Aside from shaving gear
you will also find tweezers, trimming scissors, a stick of deodorant, and some talc-free
scented body powder (both steam river rum scented, can’t say I’m not consistent). Real
quick bonus tip, in the second zip around pocket you will find my toothbrush, condoms,
and now get this, stain remover packets! Much like handy wipes you can now find
travel size, single use, all natural enzyme activated stain removers. I consider myself
pretty suave and coordinated, but by the end of a trip when business is over and it’s
time to let loose, one can get pretty careless real quick. Rather than ruin an expensive
dress shirt with red wine or coffee, I hit it with some stain remover, put it in a large
zip lock bag, and throw it in my suitcase to deal with when I get back home. In the
time it takes to arrive home, the stain remover has worked it’s magic, and the tell-tale
reminder vanishes in the wash. So the next time you are at Whole Foods grab a pack of
them, throw them in your suitcase or travel kit, and thank me later. I use the “Naturally
it’s Clean Stain Eraser” brand.

I hope my little travel shaving kit break down has been helpful to all you road warriors
out there. I know for myself, taking time to pick up the right tools for the job have
given me an edge while traveling and kept me looking sharp. We all know looking
sharp, and staying sharp, gives us an advantage at work and at play, but very few put
this into practice while traveling. Include yourself among the very few. Now get out there
and make me proud!


[Please let us know what you keep in your Travel Shaving Kit in the comment box

Article by Douglas Smythe

Contact Douglas at:

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