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Keter Introduces Its New Signature Collection — What’s In Store for Shoppers?

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Keter is committed to innovation and continues to set benchmarks in outdoor lifestyle solutions with its blend of style, functionality, and sustainability. 

Keter recently rolled out the Signature Collection, which promises to store your garden tools in style. The new collection reduces outdoor clutter, keeping your equipment safe from the elements, prying eyes, and any mishaps that might come their way.

With the Signature Collection, Keter introduced a new DecoCoat finish, with the essence of natural wood — its rich textures and deep colors — but without the hassle. DecoCoat has the toughness and longevity of resin-based materials. This means your outdoor furniture can brave the elements and still look fabulous with minimal upkeep.

Keter CEO Alejandro Pena stated: “The Signature Collection is a testament to our ongoing commitment to delivering exceptional quality, functionality, and design in outdoor lifestyle solutions. As elevated backyard design is becoming more important to our consumers, we noticed a gap in the market for outdoor storage solutions that complement the beauty of nature rather than clash with it.

“The Signature Collection now fills that gap with the first best-in-class storage solutions designed to be seen, not hidden away. It redefines functional storage as space-defining furniture pieces, and we’re thrilled to bring it to market.”

Elevating Outdoor Storage With Style

Keter’s Signature Collection features pieces in natural colors like walnut and ashwood, which means whether you’re decking out a sleek, modern deck or giving a rustic patio a polished update, there’s something to suit every taste. From spacious sheds that keep your gear organized to elegant deck boxes and practical garden beds, each item is about more than storage — it’s about elevating the look and functionality of your backyard.

Each piece is designed with easy assembly in mind. Plus, Keter has included features like hydraulic pistons on the storage lids, so opening and closing them is as effortless as can be. It’s all about making your life easier while keeping your space tidy and chic.

It’s as feel-good as it is stylish: Keter has ensured every item in the lineup is made from 100% recyclable materials, which is perfect if you’re trying to make more environmentally friendly choices. This commitment appeals to the eco-conscious and also shows Keter’s dedication to reducing its environmental impact. It’s all about offering excellent products that are kinder to our planet.

You can find it at all the big home improvement stores and online. Keter provides detailed product info and top-notch customer support on its website.

“Keter products are significantly more durable than many outdoor products and additionally, they’re made from recycled materials. Our products are built to last a very long time, well beyond one summer, which is one of the benefits of using resin materials,” added Pena.

Keter: Facing a More Environmentally Friendly Future

Keter is on a mission to slash its greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by 2025 and is on track to hit that goal by ramping up efficiency in its operations and sticking to eco-friendly practices throughout its supply chain.

Keter also actively promotes sustainable living across the board with initiatives aimed at boosting climate resilience, managing water more effectively, and cutting down waste. The company is taking action to ensure it’s not just talking the talk when it comes to environmental responsibility.

With a solid footprint in over 100 countries and a strong commitment to sustainability, Keter isn’t keeping up with trends — it’s setting them. It’s redefining outdoor living one brilliant product at a time, ensuring every new release is a step toward a more sustainable future.

“We are innovators; we invent what’s new and next, and we do it with a sustainable mindset and consciousness,” said Pena.


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