Your Teeth And Smile Might Be More Important Than You Realize

As we get older, we all start to worry about our health a little bit more, and it’s obviously something worth worrying about. After all, we all understand how alcohol begins affecting our body once we hit our 30s, but there are plenty of other things to consider when we examine our diet and exercise. As older individuals, we might worry more about heart disease, or whether our smoking vice will legitimately shorten our lifespan. We may forget just how important the health of our teeth can be to our future, but it certainly is something that has to be considered. Of course, the health of your teeth also affects the way that people perceive your smile.

A smile goes a long way

We live in a world where our outward appearance is more important than ever. While we might like to dismiss our health issues with convenient pills or surgeries, and it’s no secret that millions of people love to use filters to enhance the way that they look for social media. There is evidence that this kind of obsession might be detrimental to your mental health. However, our oral health should not be ignored, as it is often a window into our overall physical health.

We all might pop a mint if we have bad breath, but how often do you really think about your teeth? The physical state of your teeth might be giving subtle clues about the state of your body in general. Did you know that taking certain medications can reduce your saliva flow, which can affect the way that you digest food?

There also may be serious connections between oral bacteria and cardiovascular disease as well. While the connections are not completely understood, this should not be downplayed, considering that cardiovascular disease is one of America’s most prevalent health issues. There is also some proof that bacteria in your mouth can be pulled into your lungs, causing pneumonia, which is potentially life-threatening.

Injecting positivity into your life

No matter who you are or where you live, there’s also a tremendous chance that a smile has changed your day in some form or fashion. You might be uplifted by a smile from a stranger, or feel wanted thanks to a smile across the room from someone that you might be attracted to. Your child’s smile might help you forget about the frustrations of your professional life, as well. However, smiling may also be more integral to your health than you realize. Whether you are living or working in the area, you may want to consider checking in with a Dentist in Richmond, VA that could make sure that your teeth are up to par.

This might not necessarily mean that everyone who smiles will suddenly be healthy. However, there are more conclusive studies about smiles and health than you may realize. Specifically, a 2010 study thanks to Wayne State University concluded that the smile intensity of a baseball player may actually correlate to how long they live. There are some that may argue that the smile may be a result of a happy and healthy life, but the connection exists. This isn’t the only study that involves smiling and health, as smiles in childhood photos also might play a role in overall future happiness, as well.

Either way, one thing is for sure – it certainly doesn’t hurt to visit dentists and make sure that your teeth are healthy, and it also might be a great idea to practice smiling more. We all may have our personal and professional obligations, but finding the time to stop by someone who really understands teeth – whether it’s an Ashburn, VA Dentist, or someone that lives in your area. After all, there is no reason to wait for an emergency or a physical reason to examine how your teeth are doing. You may not realize it, but your teeth could be telling you something about your physical health that you were unaware of.


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