A Gentleman Always Takes Care Of His Guests

Emerson said, “we sometimes meet an original gentleman, who, if manners had not existed, would have invented them.”

It’s time to be that gentleman.

A gentleman has class. He doesn’t host potlucks in the backyard; he hosts dinner parties with wine tailored to his guests’ taste profiles. When the party is over, he sees every guest to the door, and thanks them for their presence.

A gentleman is tolerant, generous, and straightforward. He goes out of his way to avoid conflict and to provide a comfortable and easy experience for anyone in his path.

Your guests deserve this level of gentlemanly attention – and here’s how to provide it:


  1. Arrange parking spaces for your guests off the street

In big cities, parking is often scarce. Street parking is metered in downtown areas, and sometimes limited to a couple of hours. A gentleman would never knowingly allow his guests to struggle to find parking, pay for metered parking, or run out to move their car every few hours. A gentleman would never allow his guests to walk several blocks to his house after parking in a parking garage, either. He’ll go out of his way to purchase day-long parking permits from the city when available to residents who live on metered streets.

A true gentleman will consider his parking situation before guests hit the road, and arrange for his guests to park in his designated spot even at his own inconvenience. A gentleman will park in an all-day garage – no matter how far, even airport parking – so his guests can park in his driveway or his designated parking spot.

In the country, and in areas that get heavy rain, snow, and wind, a gentleman will provide sheltered parking for his guests. He will spend the time and money to set up a portable garage or canopy enclosure for guests who visit his property. He’ll consider that some of his guests may be from the city and aren’t accustomed to the wind that blows dirt, dust, and debris that damages cars. If he needs to protect his own car, he’ll make sure to have two or more shelters in place at all times.

Remember – a gentleman never tells. Unless specifically asked, your guests don’t need to know the extent you’ve gone to in order to provide them with a simple parking space.


  1. Offer the best of everything

A gentleman offers his guests the very best of everything in his home. For overnight guests, offer your bedroom or create a luxurious guest bedroom out of a spare room. If your guests stay in your bedroom, clean out your bathroom so they can make it their own. Even if a guest doesn’t need to use the bathroom drawers, a gentleman will provide his guests with a neat, clean, and hotel-like experience.

A gentleman isn’t trying to impress new friends; he treats his long-time friends with the same level of class. Your best friend from high school might not care if you throw them an old, ratty beach towel to dry off with, but they deserve the same level of attention as your new friends.

Buy several luxury bamboo bath towels for your guests that only get used by guests. They’ll be impressed with how new the towels feel, and they’ll feel like you’re pampering them.


  1. Remember that you’re the host

Your guests are depending on you to host them. Hosting a guest is different from inviting friends over to “chill.” A gentleman will always play the role of a host when guests are around. You don’t need to wait on people hand and foot, but you do need to make sure they know where to find what they need.

Plan to cook and eat main meals together, but make sure your guests have access to snacks without needing to ask you for anything. Set up a snack bar as if you were catering an event. Don’t make guests rummage through cupboards for granola bars and don’t make guests open packages. Empty packages into containers with serving utensils, place wrapped goodies in a bowl, and make sure to provide plenty of napkins on the side.

Don’t make your guests get their water from your refrigerator door or your tap. Even if your water is filtered, the experience is drab. Instead, set up a water station on the kitchen counter with a water dispenser full of filtered water. Place a serving tray filled with upside-down glasses next to it. This is the only acceptable self-serve environment.

A gentleman always thanks his guests for their company

Among the many things that make a gentleman, being generous is at the top of the list. When your guests leave, thank them for coming and leave them with an open invitation to return.


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