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Do you know your Caesar from your Ivy League? Latest trends in men’s short hairstyles

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When a celebrity releases a blockbuster film or a football star wins the Super Bowl, it’s inevitable that fans will want to replicate their look.

By copying a style icon, you can almost guarantee that you’ll be on-trend. But you should also bear in mind that just because you’ve copied Jake Gyllenhaal’s new short hairstyle, it doesn’t mean you’ll be able to pull it off as he can. Before going for the chop, you need to consider things like the type of hair you have (curly, straight, thick, fine) and what condition it’s in – as well as what your face shape is.

Your barber will be able to help you decide on the look that will suit you best and they’ll be able to let you know what’s in style at the moment, based on what their clients are asking for.

However, it’s helpful to have an idea of what the most popular short hairstyles for men currently are so that you can give them some examples of the ones you like.

What are the latest trends in men’s short hairstyles?

According to research carried out by beauty experts Cosmetify, the most searched for short haircuts for men is by far the buzz cut, with 49,500 searches in an average month.

The online beauty shop found that ‘crew cut’, ‘bowl cut’ and ‘quiff’ are also common search terms, with the not so popular ‘messy undercut’, ‘French crop cut’ and ‘Ivy League cut’ getting around a couple of hundred internet searches a month.

If you’re thinking of having a new haircut but you don’t know what style to go for, these top 10 most searched for hairstyles could give you some inspiration – and ensure you’re bang on trend for 2021:

1. Buzzcut

The hands-down winner for the most searched for men’s short hairstyle is the buzzcut.

Perhaps the reason it’s so popular is that it’s very easy to maintain. It’s extremely short, so it’s impossible to have a bad hair day and you don’t need need to worry about styling products. You just need to make sure you have a good skull shape before committing to this super short haircut.

Shaving your head yourself will mean your hair is likely to be the same length all over, whereas a barber will probably fade the sides to give a more modern look.

If you have thick hair and you’re after a rugged army look, this is the haircut for you.

2. Crew cut

As one of the most classic men’s short hairstyles, you can’t go wrong with a crew cut. That’s why it gets 27,100 internet searches each month.

Like the buzz cut, it has military roots and because it’s so short, you can be confident that it’ll look neat and tidy all the time. Plus, it’s almost as easy to look after. The difference is, the hair on top is longer than it is at the sides – so you might have to do a bit of styling.

Again, if you have thick hair it’s a good choice, although it is best suited to those with a square face.

3. Bowl cut

We know what you’re thinking: ‘Why are people searching for the ugly hairstyle that moms used to force their poor children to have?’

Well, times have changed and the bowl cut isn’t what it used to be. It can be adapted to suit straight or curly hair of varying lengths. And if you’re not confident enough to go for full-on blunt bangs, texturing can help soften the look.

According to the research, 18,100 people search for this short hairstyle every month – but it most definitely isn’t suited to all men. If, however, being edgy is your thing and you want to look like you’ve just stepped off the runway, a bowl cut can make a show-stopping impact.

4. Quiff

As long as you don’t mind spending time in front of the mirror, you might consider going for a quiff.

If you have a receding hairline, it can be a great choice because it’s long on the top and shorter everywhere else, which gives the illusion of a fuller head of hair – every man’s dream, right?!

With just over 12,000 searches each month, it’s a popular short hairstyle to go for, with versions of the haircut ranging from classic short back and sides to an undercut for more of a contrast.

It looks good on men of all ages, although if you have curly hair you might find that it doesn’t work as well.

5. Caesar cut

No doubt you’ll have seen the iconic bust of Julius Caesar rocking the haircut that was named after him.

With just 2,900 monthly online searches, it may not be as popular as the four previous men’s short hairstyles, but it’s a classic haircut that never seems to go out of style.

It’s characterised by its straight-cut bangs, which can be textured, angled and jagged to give a more modern twist. You can choose whether you want the hair on the sides to be the same length or shorter.

And it’s good news again for those who are balding, as the short, blunt bangs minimise the appearance of a receding hairline.

6. Disconnected undercut

Made popular by the UK TV series ‘Peaky Blinders’, the disconnected undercut is searched for 2,900 a month.

It’s a disjointed hairstyle that combines an undercut (which is an extreme version of a short back and sides haircut) with a disconnect. In barbering terms, a disconnect means one part of a haircut is longer than another, with no fade, taper or graduation to blend them. The result is a sharp contrast between the sections, to make for a strong and memorable impression.

Different variations of this style mean it can be adapted to suit most men, however, it’ll work particularly well for you if you have a long face shape.

7. Comb over haircut

Try to get the image of Donald Trump out of your head – that’s not the look we’re talking about here!

Rather than combing your hair over to cover a bald spot, the reason 2,400 people are searching for this men’s short haircut each month is that it also refers to a vintage style whereby the hair is parted and combed to one side.

For a more dramatic look, you can ask your barber to cut through your parting with a razor to make it more defined. This is known as a ‘hard part’.

As well as being a stylish and classic look, it gives the illusion of volume and is quick and easy to style.

Because it suits square and oval face shapes and works on straight, wavy, fine and thick hair, most men can pull it off.

8. Messy undercut

The great thing about a bedhead haircut is that you can wake up looking pretty much how you want to for the rest of the day. One of the best things about being a guy is not having to spend endless hours on grooming – and with this short hairstyle, you can spend more time doing the things you actually want to do.

Short on the sides with an unruly mop of hair on the top, it’s really easy to manage but still looks good. Having said that, if you leave enough hair on top you have the option to style it if you want to.

Even though it’s searched a lot less than the haircuts we’ve already mentioned (320 times in a month), it looks good on almost every man.

9. French crop cut

Originally, a French crop was clipped short at the back and on the sides with the hair on top only slightly longer. These days, the back and sides are cut much shorter than the top to create more of a contrast, and a blunt fringe is usually added too.

On average, there are 260 internet searches for this type of hairstyle, meaning it might not be as on-trend as some of the others, but it’s still a classic cut that’s unlikely to go out of style any time soon.

This short hairstyle is a good choice if you have particularly fine hair, as keeping the edges tight gives the impression of a bigger burst of volume on top.

10. Ivy League cut

Also known as the Princeton or Harvard clip hairstyle, the Ivy League cut is searched for an average of 90 times per month.

Named after the best American colleges, it’s similar to a crew cut because the hair on top is longer than it is at the back and sides. The difference is, it generally requires more styling as it’s usually parted and swept back or to the side and held in place with wax.

It works with almost all hair types, from straight to curly to wavy and it’s the ideal men’s short hairstyle if you’re going for a professional business look.

So hopefully now you do know your Caesar from your Ivy League and can choose a hairstyle that will not only suit you but make sure you’re on-trend for 2021.


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