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Top 6 Cutting Edge Fashion Jeans To Try in 2021

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Perhaps one clothing item that we cannot imagine our lives without is the right pair of jeans. Be it a date, a party, or an emergency meeting – jeans can become the go-to clothes to wear. While style statements vary with seasons and months, jeans can always be a faithful friend.

They are the one thing that can be paired with almost everything. Now, the entire clothing industry is looking to make jeans more sustainable for all and with different kinds of colors and styles. And that calls for keeping up with the newest trends of jeans in our daily life. 

So here are the best and cutting edge jeans styles to choose from for your next workday or the party you are about to walk into.

6 Styles to Pick and Choose From

  • Loose and ripped: One of the best styles of urban jeans that have been popularized over the years is definitely ripped jeans. Ripped jeans had picked up so fast that they made it to the formal wear category in some cases. These are still in trend with a splendid comfort level. Loose and ripped jeans are the best styles for summer. They are light and provide great fitting with any kind of summer top. Ripped jeans are also being made from recyclable materials, which makes them the smarter choice.

  • Boot-cut: If you are looking for jeans that give your legs the right shape, bootcut jeans are your choice. An evolving style in fashion, bootcut is still very much in trend. They are closely fitting jeans that highlight the legs, tight at the thighs but lowering over the heels. These are more popular with the changing footwear styles of people all over the world. They can be fit for any season – pair with a light crop top or jacket.

  • Baggy boyfriend jeans: Whether you are spending your day indoors or going to a casual outing, you would need the right kind of look. There is nothing better than boyfriend jeans for one of these occasions. These baggy, mid-rise jeans available in denim are a fantastic choice for casual wear. Because of their comfortable fabric and everyday usability, these are the trendiest jeans of all time. Most of them are available with a number of pockets and can be paired with tops and shirts of any length.

  • Vintage styles: Fashion trends are all about going classic. So picking out vintage denim is the best idea to keep up with the trend. For your new pair of jeans, try choosing vintage jeans that you can wear on any occasion. These absolutely comfortable jeans have been the rage over the past decade. Available in stonewashed, navy blue, ice blue, and of course, black – the colors stick to the basics. Try to get vintage jeans from thrift stores and online stores that specialize in vintage jeans styles. A good pair of vintage jeans can be perfect for any occasion – whether at the family cookout or the business meeting that you need to attend.

  • High-waisted: With crop tops being the trend recently, high-waisted jeans are following close by. Giving an edge to any kind of top and shirt, high-waist jeans can easily go as the perfect casual wear. They can give the best comfort to anyone who wants a fully covered pair of jeans. For people who are looking for more shape-defining jeans, these can be the best plan to pick out.

  • Sustainable denim: This might be the ideal time and year to start thinking about sustainability. The earth is having a hard time dealing with the drastic changes – climate crisis, wastage, and pollution have all become too real. If you want to make the switch to sustainable clothing, jeans can be the place to start. Sustainable denim is all the rage right now. With an array of colors and styles, sustainable jeans use recyclable fabrics to replicate the feel of jeans.

Sometimes, clothes are the best items to give you a little confidence boost. And the perfect pair of jeans may be the thing you need. Picking out your trendy jeans for the year 2020 should be the first on your to-do list. We are all going outdoors after a long time – so choose your new pair of jeans wisely!


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