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How To Turn on Your Style for Any Occasion

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Ready to look the part no matter the occasion? You’ve come to the right place! We’re about to take you on a whistle stop tour of several events you might encounter during the upcoming year, and of course, we’ll share some advice on what to wear during them. Let’s dive right in…

When you think of big events, weddings always come to mind. So, how do you find the right look without stealing the attention away from the bride and groom? Guys will look the part in a slim-fit three-piece suit, loafers and perhaps a bright and bold bow tie to finish things off in style. And as for the ladies, just avoid anything in white or black! Having an understated floral maxi style dress with matching heels and a clutch is a great way to make an entrance in a summer wedding. And if it’s cold outside, swap the floral print for autumn browns and add a cute little jacket. The two of you will be all set to dance the night away and debut some of the stunning dance moves you perfected in lockdown. 

Next up, who’s in the mood for a dinner party that will be remembered for years to come? Keeping it classy and understated with an air of the smart casual look and feel is the order of the day here. For the ladies, light and natural makeup, tied up hair and an elegant jacket to mark your entrance will all go down well. And for the guys, think your best jeans, ironed with a sharp crease, plus a matching pastel polo shirt to tie everything together. Whether you decide to get in on some of the drinking games, or you make this more an evening for chat and music, is up to you. 

Bachelor and bachelorette parties are a classic when you’re looking to get out there and have fun, and the outfits often take care of themselves. Having those stylish custom-made t-shirts where everyone knows you’re a part of THE group is essential. You’ll also want to think about some comfy shoes in your handbag so that you can get home in one piece without sore feet! Want some ideas to make it an evening to remember? Do you remember The Hangover movie? Head over to the casino and see if you strike it lucky. Just make sure you gamble safely and don’t end up like the guys in the movie…although that would be an epic story to tell in a few years!

Let’s get real now. First dates, the minefield that both sexes try to navigate, is a tricky path. Knowing what to wear is all about how much you know about your date and the activity that the two of you are going to be doing. Go too casual and you’ll give off all the wrong vibes and leave your date with an impression that you’re not interested enough. Be too glam and you’ll potentially look out of place if you’re just going for a walk by the canal and grabbing a coffee at a local stop. If in doubt, find a subtle way to edge this question into the conversation with your date while you’re figuring out what to do. Trust us, the chances are they’ll be so relieved you’ve asked because they were wondering the same thing! 

Work parties are all about smart causal looks that allow you to bring plenty of personality into the office, but not so much that you give the wrong impression to the bosses. The activities will range from your classic BBQ in the summer to a corporate away day in a hotel, or perhaps even a fun unconventional teambuilding activity. The most important thing here is that you wear something you feel comfortable with and would wear with friends. If you feel relaxed and at ease around people you don’t typically socialize with, it’ll make the evening so much more enjoyable. Who knows, you might even find out you have a whole lot more in common with a few of the guys from the office! 

Last but not least, let’s end on a fun note by thinking about those sunny beach days that are on the horizon. Whether it’s a bikini or board shorts, there’s two classic mistakes everyone makes. Footwear is the first one. If you’re thinking about your best flats or trainers, think again. It’s all about sandals and flip flops unless you want the sand to rub away at your feet all afternoon. Lesson number two: no matter how hot it is when you leave in the morning, you’ll want something to warm you up later. A hoody and a beach towel will be worth their weight in gold when you get out of the sea and are greeted by a chilling sea breeze. 

Now that you know what we have in mind, it’s over to you to go out there in your sleek looks and cut loose. Enjoy!


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