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The best Men’s Cowboy hats to elevate your look this season

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Do you know that the classic men’s cowboy hat was earlier a symbol of power and exclusion?

A men’s cowboy hat is a classic hat from the 1860s with a high crowned, wide-brimmed hat. The hat has become a defining piece of the attire for the North American cowboy. The men’s cowboy hat is a symbol of the old west apparel around the world and will look perfect when you have this cowboy hat carrier.

The first popular American-style men’s cowboy hat came into the stores in 1865. It was known as the ‘Boss of the plains’. The designer of the hat, John. B Stetson became one of the most renowned Hat designers ever.

So if you want to buy one for yourself, then we have listed the top  8 trending men’s cowboy hats to choose from:-

(1). Men’s Hollywood cowboy hat– How about wearing a hat that has been a style statement of some of the biggest celebs? The Hollywood cowboy hat for men is one of the most popular hats in Hollywood history. It is made by cutting and stitching genuine leather. 

(2). Western cowboy hat– If you are looking for a hat with a classic vibe and modern appeal then do go for a western cowboy hat. You can pair it with any kind of a western and formal outfit. 

(3). Limited edition cowboy hat– Want something extremely special for yourself? If yes, go for a limited edition cowboy hat. It has a sleek look with a removable sweatband. The sweatband adds to the style quotient of the hat. Moreover, this hat is featherweight for more comfort.

(4). Men’s Falcon cowboy hat- Looking for a handcrafted piece? The Men’s falcon cowboy hat is a handcrafted hat with tightly braided leather. This timeless piece is durable and protects from the UV rays of the Sun. 

(5). Men’s Monaco- The men’s Monaco is the perfect match for the summer months. The top hat has a low crown with a unique tribal flare. The hat has a lightweight construction and colorful hatband for more appeal. 

(6). Austin cowboy freedom hat- The Austin cowboy freedom hat has a ranchers vibe. It has an iconic western brim Shape and sleek style. It’s lightweight,  iconic, and unique.

(7). Men’s Garland- The men’s Garland cowboy hat has a bold style with an intricately designed headband. The hat has a rugged western appeal that is tailored with a blend of leather and straw. You can wear it on some of the most special occasions. 

(8). Arroyo Cowboy hat-  Have you heard about a cowboy hat with reptile texture? The Arroyo Cowboy hat has a western design with an exotic crown applique. It’s unique and made with leather. Also, it has a braided band for a sleek style appeal. 

Mens cowboy hats are one of the few accessories that are a timeless classy piece. It has been a statement for movie stars like John Wayne and the hat is resistant to different weather. The hat is an easy rescue from rain, snow, or sun!

The cowboy hat is an ideal accessory for a country or western look. The hat has been originally worn by Men, today they are available for all in various sizes, colors, and designs. It may even come with decorations such as embellishments, feathers, natural gems, or rhinestones. These hats symbolise a strong and brave personality.

The roots and origin of these hats lie deep in American history.  However,  one cannot deny that it will be trendy in the future too. Many fashion trends come and go, but this iconic hat is bound to stay!


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