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Daniela Sulek: Game-changing wisdom to prosper under any circumstances

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Daniela Sulek is a much sought-after mindset coach who works with the world’s most talented executives and entrepreneurs. They eagerly sign on with her, due to her groundbreaking take on problem solving.

She combines the worlds of universal consciousness energy, applied neurophysiology, quantum physics,  metaphysics and higher logic to create mental, physical and emotional paradigm shifts in her clients. These concepts, finely honed over a decade, have transformed the lives of high-income earning clients, while helping them achieve the goals they always dreamed of.

Sulek’s journey through life had been fraught with its own challenges, including having grown up in communist Czechoslovakia, facing all of the restrictions that came as a result. But these and other harsh realities ultimately taught her lessons on how to overcome hurdles, and how to surmount tough times.

As an adult, she took the brave steps to immigrate to Canada – without any network or connections. In no time, she excelled in the workforce, with jobs in the financial analysis sector, including at Maxxium Canada, and Bell Canada. She left the corporate sphere, drawn towards the calling to coach others who were at the top of their game, but wanted more.

“The majority of top-performers and entrepreneurs today are just existing. They are smart, and through their hard work and determination they have achieved a comfortable life. Despite all of the success, they are not satisfied,” she says.

“They feel empty. They are anxious. They constantly worry. They think that’s the price they need to pay for their success. They think a life full of stress and hustle is normal. Because that’s how everyone else around them is living. It’s not normal. It has been normalized.”

These people, she says, are “sacrificing their joy, their soul, their health.” Thankfully, Sulek guides them to a path where they can live a more fulfilling life.

Swagger caught up with Sulek to ask her about one of the most pressing entrepreneurial issues today: how to readjust your business, and reboot your mindset, in this post-Covid world.

How are you different from other high level coaches?

I help clients activate and integrate a permanent state of higher consciousness, so they experience effortless living, and joy of life. It’s our natural state of being, yet only about 1% of the population functions on this level of consciousness.

Any business strategy and action that comes from the level of mind, however, is very limited, and it always requires risks and consequences to be considered. A person then constantly faces new decisions, and needs to figure out strategies to avoid or mitigate risks to get to their goal. It’s a very exhausting way of living and creating wealth.

On the other hand, any action a person takes from their natural state of being is a thousand times more powerful, and therefore the results are often instant. My clients are successful, highly self-motivated entrepreneurs and executives, who have usually already worked on their mindset for a number of years, and have worked with a mindset coach or a business coach, yet they are still not experiencing the ease of life, and they are not living their vision.

What are some of the post-covid work challenges that you hear clients are facing? 

As high-performing entrepreneurs and executives with significant leadership responsibilities, they have been experiencing even more extreme levels of stress, worry and anxiety. They are constantly facing fully booked calendars, not having enough time to do the work they need to, and lack of sleep. They are successful, but they have worked hard for their success, and are therefore paying a major price in the form of frustration, emotional turmoil, unfulfilled relationships, or worsening health. The pandemic brought up a completely new level of fear for them, especially the fear of the unknown. Navigating the uncertainty and making strategic decisions has come with heightened anxiety. As gifted and talented mavericks, they have a massive vision for their business, but also for their personal life. They want to create a huge impact, but they are also at the point where they want to enjoy their life more, have more free time and freedom. They want it all.

What is one way that people can reboot their post-covid mindset?

The most important thing is to detox from your mind. Detox from the thoughts and emotions the mind creates. Those are not yours. You think they are yours, but they are not. The mind is simply a tool, a receiver. You are receiving the thoughts, and you are having an emotional reaction to those thoughts, both conscious and unconscious. For an average person, it’s an unconscious process, mostly. That is what I call human conditioning. Fear, anxiety, and stress is a result of this human conditioning, and does not exist beyond the mind.

You need to stop thinking as a human. You are not a simple, powerless human. You are a powerful energetic being that creates with energy, not action. Your daily life is simply a mirror of your current energetic blueprint. For most people, it’s a life full of challenges and stress, because their energetic blueprint reflects the mass consciousness, which is very low and dense. When you detach from the conditioned mind, you liberate yourself from the mass consciousness. You are no longer bound by the mind’s restrictions and fear. You simply see through it. Becoming aware of the automatic thoughts and emotional reactions is the key to the liberation from mind conditioning.

Due to constantly changing conditions, how can entrepreneurs move forward with ease, and achieve their goals more quickly?

People believe that there may be negative implications from their actions, or that there is such a thing as a failure. These beliefs are deeply ingrained by mass conditioning, and people are living the reality of it. All strategies that come from this belief system are fear-based, as people are basically trying to mitigate risks. The perception of our reality is completely different in a higher state of consciousness. That is, there are no risks, and we know we cannot fail, no matter which action we take. Thus, when we make decisions, or take actions, there is no fear or hesitation involved.

The fastest way to move with ease and achieve your vision quickly is to realize that you are the one who creates any obstacles and challenges. As long as you believe that those obstacles and challenges exist, you are bound to work around them. When you realize it is all a product of fear-based mind conditioning, you no longer need to conjure up endless strategies to mitigate risks.

It is like when we are kids, we believe there is a monster under the bed at night. As long as we believe the monster exists, we need to create strategies to protect ourselves, have a night light on, etc. When we are adults, we no longer believe in monsters under the bed, so we don’t need to take any such actions. We simply know monsters do not exist.

Your vision is in you, for you to live it. Not to work hard for it, not to go through a struggle to achieve it, not to face challenges. They describe the lower consciousness way of achieving goals.

When we live in the natural state, we act without limits. There is no mind conditioning, and thus there is no environment in which we need to get ourselves boxed in. We let our true genius come out to play. We live our dreams, create massive impact and most importantly, we are unconditionally happy. It is like using our own dedicated lane on a highway: we get to where we want to be fast, and we are truly enjoying the ride.

Offer an example of how you can help someone readjust to the new post-covid work reality?

The conditioned mind will always find a new reason to worry or to fear. Whether it is a recent pandemic, changing market conditions, or any other personal or global life uncertainty a person may face in the future, the conditioned mind always projects fear. When I work with clients, I help them to shift their consciousness permanently.

A person operating on a higher level of consciousness navigates through any external conditioning with clarity and ease. No matter what the external conditions may look like, they are immune to them. They do not react to the conditions, because they now see through the illusion.

In this natural state, they have absolute trust and certainty in their decision-making. It’s a reflection of a deeper knowing a person has. It’s truly an effortless way of living and creating.

For more visit Daniela’s Website.

Photography: Brani Sulek



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