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4 Simple Ways To Elevate Your Style – The Art Of Dress up

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Style is a very personal thing. Having said that, how many people do you know that truly have style, let alone their own unique style? Considering that most people shop from the same high street retailers, be it Primark, Ralph-Lauren, or Topman, it’s difficult to understand how people believe they have a unique look. Especially when you consider that most retailers give clothes matching ideas – you can literally walk out with an outfit presented on a mannequin that 300 other people just bought. Yet, despite that, most people still believe they have and are expressing their individuality through their sense of dress.

That being said, is it possible to create a unique style and separate yourself from the crowd? Yes it is and below we have come up with a few rules and tips to guide you. If you pay attention to these rules, your friends will pay attention to you, after all, isn’t that the point of fashion?

1. Dress To Impress 

This is about choosing appearance over comfort. Most people dress for convenience, that is a fact. Convenience usually means what is quick, easy and comfortable. If this is you, your choice of clothing may be comfortable on your skin, but is it truly comfortable on the eye? Probably not.

It’s time to think about the way your dress sense impresses upon others. Like it or not, humans make decisions about the people they encounter through their experiences of them and a big part of that experience is visual. There is no escaping this fact, your appearance tells the world something about you and you either look good or you don’t. Average is as good as bad in the world of good impressions. 

The point here is, dress like you mean it. Communicate who you are and deliberately. Every day counts, so be consistent. If you do, you will be recognised as someone who has style, it’s really that simple.

2. Create Your Own Style And Work It 

Don’t think of Halloween here, you want to avoid scaring children and prospect girlfriends, especially if they have children.

Think along the lines of personality in dress. There are lots to choose from, be it a rugged look, which has several sub-categories to play with, to ranch/cowboy, or a sophisticated business look, to name a few. Remember, choose something that you can pull off and no, that doesn’t mean stripping in public spaces. Consider what matches your personality, although you can learn to update your attitude to match your clothes, if you get it right. Seriously, it’s a fact, your clothes change the way you feel and how people respond to you, which is why you beg your girlfriend to dress up as a cosplay porn star on Friday nights. 

Remember, rule number one – be consistent. You can’t change your theme too often, it will just confuse people and give the impression you’re wearing a disguise to hide from the FBI.

3. Top And Tail – The Magic Rule Of Two. 

This is a personal favourite. It’s easy to pull off, highly effective, and you can vary it in so many ways and still look cool. It’s like one of those card tricks – you know how it works, but it’s still cool. How to pull it off? Simple, something on top matches something at the bottom, and the bit in the middle provides some contrast.  So, white t-shirt, black jeans, and white trainers. Or, same black jeans, purple hat, purple sneakers. Or, blue denim jeans, red hat, white t-shirt and red basketball trainers. You get the point. You can really mix this up and it always looks good. 

4. Recognise how to accessorise 

Girls have mastered the art of accessorising, but don’t worry, no one is expecting you to sport a handbag anytime soon. Although, having said that, “manbags” have really grown in popularity over the past years, especially since phone sizes have increased.

There are lots of ways you can accessorize and it’s important to consider it as the polish to your look. Belts, hats, silver chains, wrist straps, even a blazer. They all add to your look. You can really go deep on this one, if you pay attention – phone cases, bags, different colour shoe laces, spray on hair dye, the list continues. Even glasses, plug in studs and funny badges. You can have a lot of fun here, so play with it. Watches are probably the most extravagant of male accessories, and a real symbol of status, if you’re wearing a known brand. 

If you just follow these four simple rules, you will instantly transform your look into something more palatable and you may even form a lasting impression, so have some fun, get creative and sit back and wait for the compliments to roll in.


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