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Explore The Great Outdoors With Fjällräven

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Fjällräven Has Been Helping People Explore Their World Since 1974

Once upon a time, during a cold winter expedition in Northern Sweden, Fjällräven Founder and avid explorer, Åke Nordin found himself in the midst of a deep freeze as he spent a miserable night in a hand-dug snow pit. He felt that sub-zero temperatures were not to deter the explorer; they were to be enjoyed. You just needed the right equipment. He promised himself to develop a jacket that made it possible to reach the corners of the world. Today this jacket is known to be the top choice for explorers world wide and as of 2020, Fjällräven has expanded cold weather protection with The 1974 Expedition Series

The Expedition Down Jacket Boasts Superior Design And Functionality

The Expedition Down Jacket has incredible durability. A lot of the original Expedition Down Jacket’s are still in use to this very day which attests to Fjällräven’s design philosophy and commitment to sustainability. The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research reported that the impact of wearing your jacket twice as much as the average person reduces environmental impact by 49%. Fjällräven created their jackets with figures like these in mind, and have even taken the commitment a step further with the Fjällräven Down Promise. Since 2014, if you purchase a down product from Fjällräven, you can feel confident knowing that no bird has been harmed. The Fjällräven Down Promise offers fully traceable down that is ethically sourced – a promise that the company is known and respected for.

The Expedition Down Series

Not everyone got to experience or hold onto their jacket from the 70’s and 80’s. Different jackets are needed for various activities and temperature ranges. To complete perfection and instill the same inspiration while surpassing the original in every conceivable way, the expedition series was created as an entire cold-weather proofing system. Fjällräven has something to provide functional warmth for every situation year-round.

The Inspiration That Birthed Ingenuity

Accessories, backpacks, jackets, tops, trousers, and shorts have all been made and birthed from the inspiration of the original jacket. The promise of excellence and durability goes right along with it. Fjällräven doesn’t just design products with warmth and durability in mind, though – their products serve functional purposes for certain activities as well. Whether you are hunting, mountaineering, trekking, or simply enjoying the outdoors in mild weather conditions, there is something for everyone.

For example, Fjällräven’s newest addition The Expedition X-Lätt Jacket is made with 60 g/sqm synthetic insulation to keep you dry and warm. It is made with 100% recycled polyamide fabric. This jacket is their lightest and can be enjoyed in fall temperatures and winter climates. But that’s not the only style that The Expedition Series offers. There are 7 different styles that run in multiple colourways so you can find your perfect fit. Regardless of where you are and what you are doing, Fjällräven never wants you to feel cold again. 

Celebrate The Expedition Series In The Great Outdoors

The Fjällräven company is invested in people, environment and the great outdoors. To celebrate this fact, they put on a successful scavenger hunt in Toronto, Canada, where users had the opportunity to search for virtual Expedition Jackets using their smartphones in the nearby Toronto nature. Hundreds of prizes were handed out, including the Expedition Series Jackets.

Due to the success and the appreciation Fjällräven has for their customers and the spirit of adventure, Fjällräven will be running this same “Never Feel Cold Again” Scavenger Hunt across North America to get users outdoors and in the spirit of adventure. Across all cities, there will be an opportunity to win one of the Expedition Series Jackets as well as other amazing Fjällräven prizes. The North American Scavenger Hunt will take place in January 2022 so you can participate in your very own Fjällräven adventure!


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