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7 Reasons Men Should Still Wear A Watch

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If you take a walk down memory lane, it’s said that there was a time when wristwatches used to be a women’s accessory only. Men used pocket watches to keep track of time without much funfair. The whole narrative changed during the First World War or also known as The Great War back then. At that time, soldiers found it difficult to dip their hands in their pockets to check time in the heat of battle. To tackle this challenge, men began to wear watches on their wrists.

The war ended, but the trend did not. Wearing wristwatches became a norm for men, and pocket watches weren’t favored that much. Alas, wristwatches, like pocket watches, are becoming obsolete today due to the onset of technology. Everyone can now check the time with their mobile phones, with ease.

Nevertheless, essentialists and style experts believe that wristwatches ought not to be driven into extinction by society’s ongoing changes. Here are seven reasons why men should still wear wristwatches:

Beautiful middle age woman working in jewelry store. She holding and showing expensive watch to male buyer.

1. They’re Stylish

Unlike women, men have minimal accessories to add to their dressing. The use of cufflinks and belts will depend on the dress that a person is wearing. If you wear a sports dress, you won’t need these accessories.

However, you’ll always find a wristwatch that matches any occasion—corporate, sports, adventure, and anything else. Handcrafted timepieces, such as IWC watches and others like them, can tell a lot about their wearer. Believe it or not, wristwatches are enough to separate the boys from the men. 

2. They Offer Convenience

The reason why pocket watches became obsolete in the first place was that fishing into one’s pocket to grab one’s watch wasn’t suitable for soldiers. Thinking about it, pocket watches are no different from mobile phones when checking the time. Hence, if wristwatches were more convenient in the past, they still offer them today.

When you’re wearing a wristwatch, all you need to do is take a glance. Yet if you have to take your phone out in public (say, a date, a meeting, or a conversation with friends), it might be taken as a rude gesture.

3. They Convey Artistry

Another reason why people wear wristwatches is because of the level of creativity invested in their design. Wristwatch designers spend a lot of time crafting the next mind-blowing strategy that can be infused in that small tool you wear on your hand. From the dial to the case to the straps, wristwatches demonstrate intriguing inventiveness and craftsmanship.

4. A Lot Of Offerings Provide Multifunctionality

The primary function of a wristwatch is to tell the time. But many wristwatches today can perform advanced operations, all thanks to manufacturers introducing a myriad of features such as a calendar window, moon phase indicator, and many more. Plus they’re easy to operate.

5. Wristwatches Are Timelessness

Isn’t it amazing how a tool used to check time can be timeless? 

Just as parents and grandparents can pass on wedding bands and engagement rings to their offspring, wristwatches can also be passed from one generation to another without losing their aesthetics and functionality.

Giving a piece of item to an offspring will help to keep memories in the family and pass on the family values, tradition, and legacy. Wearing the wristwatch of a deceased relative will motivate you to use the wristwatch with love and care, preserving it well enough to be passed on to another generation.

6. They’re Reliable 

Your phone’s battery can only last a few hours under optimum usage. If you have a flat battery, you don’t want to start looking for a power source before knowing the time. This is why as a man, you need to wear a wristwatch.

Wristwatches were already in use before discovering electricity, and they run on a technology that allows them to work nonstop for months, maybe even years. While your mobile phone needs to be recharged every time its batteries hit a critically low level, a wristwatch draws very little energy from a battery. Some wristwatches are even powered by motion, which means that they are always in motion while you’re moving your arms and wrists.

7. They Provide Focus

If the goal is to check the time, then the plan should be to use a wristwatch and you should stick to this plan every time. Checking the time on your phone will let you see notifications, and one hour later, you’ll be hopelessly scrolling through your social media, watching clips, and replying to texts when your intention from the start was to check the time.

Final Thoughts

Other people say time waits for no one, but wristwatch wearers know they have time on their hands. Wristwatches allow you to be more time-conscious and increase your productivity. As a man, watches can make you more attractive and help you stand out from the crowd. If you started this article with an empty wrist, you should be convinced by now that you need to get a wristwatch, maybe today.


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