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Five Accessories Every Guy Should Have

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It doesn’t matter what kind of guy you are or how much money you have, every man should have the necessary accessories to ensure that his clothes fit, look nice, and provide the function that they offer. Whether you are into fashion or simply need something to keep your pants up, accessories can make the man. Below are five that every guy should have, as well as how they could be used to make your life better.

A Watch

While you could read the time on your phone, a watch is an accessory that should not be overlooked. First, a watch is a symbol of status. It is an artisanal work of art, so much so that the sky’s the limit for how much a watch could cost. Furthermore, it’s a great way to look at the time when you are at an important dinner or meeting. Looking at your phone can be seen as rude. However, looking at your wrist isn’t seen that way unless you do it at the right time. While nice watches are expensive, there is a watch for every budget that can elevate the look of the man.

A Belt

Belts are necessary to keep your pants up, but they are much more than that. Belts made from leather are high-quality items that will last a long time. Men’s designer belts will look great when your shirt is tucked in for a particular event. When you invest in a good belt, you won’t just have it for even the rest of your life, you’ll have a way to show your worth as a person. A nice belt is a great option for any guy.


Sunglasses are another item that won’t last long if they aren’t high-quality. Investing in a nice pair of sunglasses is a good move. If you buy cheap sunglasses, you will likely need to buy them again and again. Over time, you might even spend as much money as you would on a designer pair. Furthermore, a nice pair of sunglasses will protect your eyes better. If a pair of glasses doesn’t have UV protection, you won’t be doing much for your eyes. This is especially true if you accidentally get a look at the sun, thinking that you are protected. When you buy a nice pair of sunglasses, you won’t regret it when they last forever and protect your eyes. But make sure to buy a case!

A Wallet

Like belts, sunglasses, and watches, you could buy a cheap wallet, but why would you do that? Your wallet is what carries your money and other important items. You should do your best to keep these things in a protected place. A high-quality wallet won’t just last, it will show that you are successful. You will be able to show that you are going places in the world when you bust it out to pay for dinner, drinks, a hotel, and more. If you don’t want leather for ethical reasons, there are plenty of other good materials. A wallet truly has an impact on your self-worth and appearance.


Finally, if you are in business and wear a suit, fine ties will make all the difference to your look. You want a tie that is made from great materials. You want a tie styled to yourself. You want a tie that is immaculately designed. Whatever your income bracket and what you do for work, it’s a bad omen to put on a cheap tie. Don’t settle for less. Ties are formal dress attire. They shouldn’t come from a budget retailer. Spend some money on your ties and others will notice.

It truly doesn’t matter what kind of guy you are; these five accessories will help make the man. The subtlety that comes with nice accessories subliminally impacts your interactions with people. You will feel good about yourself and what you do. Even if you don’t make that much money, don’t go for a cheap accessory. Save up a little bit and do your best to purchase high-quality items, not just so others will see them, but so that you feel great about yourself when you get dressed every day. It may not matter to you that much, but you will still feel the difference in nice accessories.


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