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How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Shoes for Men

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Many groom-to-be immerse themselves in the wedding plans so much and thus pay little or no attention to how they look on their wedding day. Don’t be like that…

Also, it’s not just about picking the best suit or tuxedo; you need to also carefully select a matching pair of shoes for your wedding. Wearing the wrong shoes could make you feel uncomfortable all through the day or even ruin your and your bride’s outfits.

So, how do you know what kind of shoes go well with your wedding attire? Sure, it could be a bit daunting to determine, especially if fashion was never your ‘thing’.

Not to worry, help is here. Here are some factors to consider to help you choose the perfect wedding shoes.

Your Suit Color and Style

The shoes should, first and foremost, match the color and texture of the groom’s outfit. Also, your footwear should match the suit, whether you’re donning a smoking jacket, a custom suit, a morning coat, etc.

The traditional wedding footwear for grooms is black or brown, but you can add some color by wearing colorful socks or even a strong color like blue. Brown loafers, for instance, would be a terrific choice with a navy blue suit.

Even your watch, shirt, and tie should fit the shoes you plan to wear. If the menswedddingbands have a blue stone,  you can also consider it as it is a part of your outfit. 

It is important to practice wearing the full suit a few weeks beforehand to prevent any accidents on the big day. Here are some tips to help you choose the color of your wedding shoes.

  • Never pair brown or tan shoes with a black suit. This rule still applies to suits in heavier colors of grey until you reach the lighter tints, at which point brown, cherry, or maroon shoes may be appropriate. Except for potentially extremely light cream or beige, black shoes can be worn to formal events.
  • Black or brown shoes regardless of the shade can be worn with blue suits. Shoes should ideally be black or a deeper shade of brown for navy or other dark blues. Lighter blue suits go well with light brown or tan shoes. You can also consider burgundy or brown colors with blue suits.
  • Even though green suits are uncommon, they should always be paired with brown or tan shoes. Off-white or cream suits often look their best with brown or tan shoes, but they can also look very dashing with two-tone shoes.
  • It’s customary to wear shoes that are darker than your suit. But, flipping this the other way around for more laid-back weddings will make a statement and draw attention to your attire.
  • The color of your shoes also affects the suit style you select. Black or deeper brown colors are typically more suited for three-piece suits because they are more formal. Depending on the suit’s color, two-piece suits go well with either black or brown shoes.
  • Chelsea boots go great with suede or Donegal suits because they are normally a little more laid back. 
  • For the warmer months, linen suits with a little less structure work best when worn with a pair of loafers. 
  • If you wear a belt, it should always match your shoes, regardless of the design of your suit. If your watch strap is made of leather, the same is true.

Wedding Theme

The location, as well as the theme you chose for your wedding, is a vital thing to consider when choosing the right shoes.

Also, make sure your footwear is appropriate for the environment you’ll be in. A wedding ceremony held on a beach would call for a completely different dress than one held in a church.

Traditionally, you would have been advised to wear oxfords if it was a black-tie event. but how about now? Slippers and loafers can appear just as elegant and formal. It all depends on how you wear them and the precise loafers or slippers you choose.

Men’s formal shoes are often longer, slimmer, and have a more pointed toe in comparison to casual designs. This makes your legs look longer and more graceful while balancing out any potential top-heaviness that a suit may give. The one situation in which this rule does not apply is when you are wearing a tuxedo, for which a round-toed shoe is customary.

A typical guideline is that formal shoes should have a square shape. Choose a whole-cut design, where the uppers are made from a single piece of leather if your wedding is highly traditional and your suit is formal.

Shoes with toe caps, wingtips, and brogue features are slightly less formal and more flexible. A fringed leather tongue covering a shoe’s laces should generally be avoided because they aren’t considered official enough for church weddings.

Wedding Season

Choosing the appropriate shoes will also depend on what time of year your wedding will be. Avoiding anything too hefty or warm is a good idea for a summer occasion especially since 77% of weddings are in summer or fall. 

Slippers or loafers will be the greatest option in these situations because they breathe better. Dress boots, however, might be a terrific option to keep your feet warm for fall and winter weddings.

For a more formal setting, sleek black designer wedding shoes are ideal, although a summer or seaside wedding might be more casual.

Consider if you’ll be walking on grass or a hard surface. It’s still a good idea to keep this in mind while choosing the correct shoes for your special day, even though it’s not quite as essential as it is for bridal shoes.


This should be one of your top priorities as you will go through a lot of stress that day and you don’t need to add an object of discomfort. And remember, you’ll be walking around all day in these shoes. Also, you’ll be dancing in them.

Choose a pair of shoes that you feel comfortable wearing both aesthetically and comfortably because weddings are lengthy occasions. To avoid any blisters on your special day, wear them a few days beforehand. Also, make sure to keep plasters around just in case.

Customization Options

Customization is another factor you should take into account while looking for the ideal wedding shoe. The global market for custom shoes has increased due to the request for customizable shoes for casual, wedding, and even formal shoes. 

By adding the date, your name, or anything else you like, you might want to be sure that you never forget the occasion. Perhaps your groomsmen want to participate as well.

Unfortunately, not all shoemakers support this. And many of them make it difficult. Look for a company that offers simple customization options for your wedding shoes.

Sadly, you might have to let go of some of your choices if this is the case. 

Extra Inches

It’s not just brides who can wear heels. Some men might desire to grow in height by a half-inch or two, especially if the bride will be wearing extremely high shoes. 

There are platform add-ons available for purchase that may be inserted inside flat wedding shoes and are completely undetectable. To ensure that you walk normally on your big day, practice walking with these inserts.

Additionally, some designers provide men’s wedding shoes with the platform already integrated into the shoe.

Personal Style

Your style should be the last thing you should ignore when considering the perfect wedding shoes. Just like your outfit, your shoes should reflect your style.

Oxford shoes can be the better option for you if you’re more conventional. Loafers or dress boots can be a better option if you’re more fashion-conscious. You have a choice! Nobody can tell you what to wear because this is your wedding.


Your wedding day is a unique occasion that you will always cherish. The wedding pictures won’t go away any time soon, either. So spend a little more money and get a pair of premium leather shoes.

Whether you choose an exquisite matte finish or a glossy shine, smooth, buttery leather is a must.

Men’s shoes’ sleek lines and understated design leave little room for error, and poor construction will be obvious. High-quality craftsmanship transforms your ensemble from plain to dapper.

Also, remember you will not throw out your shoes after the wedding day. Buying quality pairs of shoes means you can keep using the shoes for other events. A well-chosen pair of men’s shoes will last you for many years to come, and the versatility of most models makes it a worthwhile purchase.


Now, choosing your wedding shoe should be an easy process and you don’t have to involve your spouse, considering that your spouse has a bulk of other important things to attend to. These tips will help you choose the best shoes for the occasion.

By considering your wedding theme, location, suit color, and preference, you will be able to go for a suitable shoe for the event.


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