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How To Take Your Outfit From Good To Great In Minutes (it’s in the detail)

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If you have checked the mirror on your way out of the house before and thought, hm, could do better, then this post is for you. It can be difficult to identify exactly what the issue is with your outfit. There could be a couple of small changes you can make to take it from good to great, here’s our checklist.

Does your belt match your shoes? 

One of the quickest changes you can make is to switch your belt to a different color or go for the greenest option with the best vegan leather belts. Hopefully, you have chosen shoes that match your outfit, now make sure your belt matches your shoes. If you are wearing polished black shoes then a high quality, black leather belt is a great choice.

Is your shirt/t-shirt slim fitted? 

If your shirt or t-shirt is too baggy it will drown your shape. You want your clothes to frame your shape to show it off. You can also use your clothes to correct your shape. If you have a short torso then a fitted untucked shirt could be a good decision because it will make your waistline appear slightly lower and will balance out your frame.

Switch to a V-neck undershirt… 

Can you see your undershirt behind your collar? If that’s the case then switch to a v neck and make sure your underwear stays under! It can make your shirt look pretty sloppy if you leave it poking through.

And maybe switch to a tan or grey undershirt too… 

Most men default to wearing a white undershirt. However white isn’t always the most see-through color to wear, it depends on your skin tone. If you have a very light skin tone then white can show up against it. Try a tan or grey undershirt and you might find it blends in a lot better.

Too much? Remove some accessories 

Less is usually more. Taking away accessories is a good way to simplify your outfit and give a cleaner look. If you are wearing a watch for instance, then perhaps that is all you need. Some stylists recommend pairing a leather watch strap with a bracelet, but unless you specifically prefer this busy style it is not always the best way forward. We do recommend wearing cufflinks, but make sure they blend in with your outfit or are worn to contrast with a distinct color.

Check the colour palette

When it comes to color there are a few quick checks you can do before leaving the house

  • Do your socks match your trousers? Unless it’s on purpose your socks should blend into your trousers -they aren’t a statement item.
  • Do the colors match the season you are in? Winter; blues & grays , Spring; pastel colours, Summer; you can go a bit brighter with hot colours, Autumn; stick to earthy tones like green, brown & tan.
  • Are you wearing more than 3 main colours? If so you might need to take away one of them.
  • Are the colors you are wearing either complementary or contrasting? Ideally the colors should be next to each other on the color wheel or opposite each other.

Go easy on patterns (but don’t be boring)

Big blocks of color without any pattern or design can become dull quickly. You don’t want to be a dull dresser. However too much pattern and people will be so distracted by your garish outfit they won’t see past the pattern to the person behind it. A singular pattern like stripes, or cheques can be fine and even look great on a shirt. If you are mixing two patterns then be careful. Make sure there is one dominant pattern and that it is subtle.

These are the main items to check before leaving the house. If you are looking at your outfit and can’t work out what is wrong then making a subtle change in terms of the colour pallete, patterning, base layer & fit can take your outfit from good to great in minutes.

Dressing well doesn’t need to take too long but it does require your to learn and follow a set of rules and apply those rules to every outfit.


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