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Streetstyle as high-end fashion? Now it’s possible!

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A while ago workwear and military garments were associated mainly with functionality, and streetstyle was the domain of sports professionals and hip-hop artists. Since then, streetwear has come to embrace the attractive premium segment as well. And it’s all because world-famous fashion designers and high-end fashion brands became interested in the popularity of streetwear. So what happened? See for yourself and explore the new brand – SneakerStudioPRM!

Premium fashion – now popular

Over the decades we thought that high-end fashion can only be showcased on the catwalk and is designed for celebrities. Such apparel had nothing to do with comfy garments worn in the city streets all over the world. Now it has changed. What we’ve been witnessing of lately is a unique relationship between streetwear and premium brands. World-famous designers often look for inspiration in street trends and combine them with sophisticated design. As a result, the apparel is appreciated not only by the chosen few, but also by those of us who value high quality streetwear.

Premium streetwear? What exactly is it?

If it’s the first time you’ve seen the phrase ‘premium streetwear’, you may wonder what it looks like. A good example of a brand that specialises in high-end streetwear is Wood Wood from Denmark. This brand comes up with exclusive workwear-inspired clothes. This apparel is widely recognised as a unique combination of comfort and eye-catching design. The same can be said of Norse Project – another Scandinavian brand known for its premium workwear.

You will probably also have noticed that military garments are back in fashion. Although this apparel used to be designed mainly for the army, nowadays you can see cargo pants and bomber jackets in the city streets. And there is more! Such items are now created by the most famous fashion designers. Military apparel is even presented on catwalks during the major fashion events.

Meeting the expectations of contemporary consumers

What do you expect of modern premium streetwear? Unique design, excellent craftsmanship, resistance to intense wear… but there’s more! Contemporary consumers are rather demanding. Another thing they care about is how their clothes are produced. That’s why world-famous brands focus on sustainability and environment-friendly production processes. They also strive to follow the Fair Trade rules.

If you’re into premium streetwear and would like to expand your own collection, explore the new brand known as SneakerStudioPRM. You will find menswear and womenswear, as well as a range of essential accessories – baseball caps, hats, bags, backpacks, bumbags, swimsuits, underwear and jewelry. You can have your pick of the best garments in line with your own style.

Be inspired by the way high-end fashion meets streetwear and create unique outfits to stand out!


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