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Swimwear for Men: What Your Swimwear Says About You and How to Wear It Right

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When you are buying swimwear, it means that you will be having plenty of fun in the sun. While it’s easy to buy the outfit when you are experienced at spending time on the beach, it can be highly stressful to the first-time buyer, especially if they aren’t used to baring too much.

Since swimwear outfits don’t leave much to the imagination, you should be ultra-cautious when purchasing.

Besides the right swimwear helping you maintain your dignity, it also sends the right message to other people on the beach or pool.

This is because what you wear speaks volumes about the person you are.

Would you like to know what different swimwear outfits mean and the message you give when you wear them? Read on:

Swim briefs

They are probably the most common types of swimwear you will find on the beach or pool, and it’s for a reason—they cover you pretty well.

The briefs usually have a one or two-inch inseam, and sometimes none.

Since they cover a larger area, they are best if you are self-conscious of your body and you don’t want to show too much.

If you are confident in your body and don’t mind showing more skin, go for the Speedo. The Speedo bares little in the front and barely covers the ass, and by wearing it, it shows that you are confident in your skin and don’t mind the judging eyes.

Since you will be showing a lot of skin with the Speedo, it’s wise that you have a good body. At the bare minimum, have well-toned thighs and ass.

Swim trunks

They usually reach mid-thigh and have a five to six inch to their inseam. Swim trunks have some room in the thigh and are neither too tight nor too wide. When you wear trunks, it shows you are highly conservative and don’t like showing more than necessary.

To look your best when wearing swim trunks, choose those with solid prints that flatter your skin tone. If this isn’t your thing, go for simple prints with a theme that isn’t too obnoxious. Classic themes you can go with include: Hawaiian, nautical, etc.

Of course, don’t go for crazy themes such as giant pineapples, flamingos, or country flags, as you will give the impression that you are a man baby, which you aren’t.

For ideas of excellent prints and patterns to choose from for your swim trunks, take a look at Kaftko swimwear.

One-piece swimwear

One-piece swimwear is common with women, but many brands are coming in, and it’s easy to find a large and comfortable one-piece for you as a man.

Of course, you will attract some attention at the beach or pool when you are wearing a one-piece as a man, but if you are pretty confident and daring, there is no reason that you shouldn’t get one.

To look good in a one-piece, buy the right size. Of major importance, pay attention to the crotch area and ensure that it’s comfortable.

Avoid a piece with plenty of detailing and patterns around the waist and tummy area, as it will create the illusion that you are fuller and don’t want this, do you?

The color you choose significantly impacts how people perceive you. If you want to look slimmer, go with black. If you love colored swimwear, wear navy or dark purple.


When wearing a bikini in public for the first time, you are bound to feel highly exposed and uneasy, so choosing to wear it is pretty bold, and it announces to the world that you are daring.

If this is the first time wearing a bikini as a man, stay away from a skimpy one and instead choose a more modest one. As a rule of thumb, choose one with full butt coverage. If you are a little daring and don’t mind showing some booty, don’t go past level 3.

Since plenty will be on display when wearing jocks, ensure that you have a fit body. You don’t want fat layers jiggling around in a bikini.

Board shorts

Board shorts are longer, fuller in cut, and sometimes have cargo pockets. While the shorts cover most of the body, you should be cautious when wearing them, as you can easily look like a boy instead of the man you are.

For the best look, don’t wear shorts that are too wide. You can tell if your shorts are too wide if you can fit a bottle or anything larger between your shorts and leg.

When going commando, be cautious of the length of the shorts, as you can easily show more than you bargained for. A good rule of thumb is to have the shorts stop at least a couple of inches above the knee.

Boy shorts

Boy shorts are a sporty choice, letting you run, swim, and even jump without worrying about the bottoms riding up too much. When you wear these shorts, it shows that you lead an active life and you are always prepared.

For the best look, wear proper-fitting shorts. Of course, buy shorts that are of the correct size. Don’t buy those that are too small as they might be too tight. Also, avoid too large shorts as they might fall off as you are swimming.

The shorts should also complement your skin tone.


Jammers are knee-length hence offering more coverage. Due to their design, wearing them shows that you are self-conscious and you aren’t willing to display yourself to strangers.

While jammers are excellent, their form-fitting nature can be a little too much, especially if you are wearing them for the first time. This is because you can feel too exposed, especially in the crotch area.

To maintain some dignity, ensure that the material used isn’t too light. Also, ensure that the swimwear is of the correct size.

As much as you might want to reduce as much drag as possible, avoid an outfit that is too tight as it will be too uncomfortable to wear, not to mention exposing you more than you would want to.


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