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Which Workout Shorts Fit Right? Everything You Need to Know

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Before we dig deep into the world of men’s workout shorts, it’s essential that every person always wears what makes them feel good and comfortable, regardless of styles or trends are in-style. If you have a signature style or color, rock it! Fashion isn’t as cut and dry as it used to be. We’re talking to you, no white after labor day. Prior to making any significant purchases or decisions, you need to find out what makes you feel like you! We’ll guide you on how to make the best choice when it comes to purchasing new workout shorts.

Size Matters

When it comes to workout shorts, knowing your size is a great place to start. You’ll need to know the measurements for your waist, front rise, hip, thigh, length, inseam, and leg openings. Find a pair of shorts that fits you well currently. Lay the item out flat on the floor or counter and smooth out any wrinkles. With the clothing item laid out flat, measure the following areas:

  • Waist: Button up the shorts. Remove any wrinkles and flatten with both hands. 
  • Front rise: Measure from the crotch seam to the waistband.  
  • Hip: Measure from hip to hip, 1 ½ inch below the hip. 
  • Length: Measure the length from the top of the waistband to the seam.
  • Inseam: Measure the inseam gap from the crotch at the spot where the seams meet on the front and rear.
  • Leg opening: Measure from the side of the leg opening to the side of the leg opening. 

Once you have correctly measured these six areas, you will be able to check the size chart to find the appropriate size for your desired fit for workout shorts.

Another factor to keep in mind when purchasing workout shorts is your natural body style. For example, do you prefer workout shorts that hit above or below your knee? Also significant is your height and body build, which can affect where the inseam will fall. A person who is 5’ 6” compared to a person standing at 6’ 4” will find that the length makes all the difference, even if other factors of body type are comparable.

Look at the Details

Also important, especially with workout shorts and clothes, is the comfort and flexibility of the pieces. Workouts have the same common effects on everyone. It can cause sweating and odor, and if you aren’t wearing the proper clothes, you can experience pain, embarrassment, and rashing, among other unintentional results. A great piece of clothing is made out of lightweight, stretch-woven fabric. This fabric is much lighter than your average cotton, which can be thick and traps your body heat. Instead, these woven fabrics wick moisture, which results in quick drying. And just as they’re easy to wear, they’re just as easy to wash. Throw them in your washing machine with other items for a wash making your workout shorts as good as new.

We highly suggest avoiding thicker fabrics during the hot, humid summer months. Polyester, nylon, flannel, and corduroy may feel like delicate pieces of heaven on the hanger, but when you put them on, you’ll quickly find that many of these fabrics are incredibly soft, but they have little to no absorption power. Overall, wearing these thicker fabrics when hot and humid weather may seem like a minor issue; we guarantee those around you will see the situation for what it is – and that’s a mess!

What Type of Workout Shorts is Best?

There are several different styles of workout shorts available, so knowing what activity you will be playing is another crucial factor when it comes to choosing workout shorts. For many cyclists, bike shorts or similar compression short styles may be ideal. Some bike shorts are padded in the rear, which is ideal for long-distance riders. Some may choose spandex or compression shorts instead. While these are similar to bike shorts, compression shorts lack the extra stretch, which can protect your joints and muscles from unintentional injury. Basketball shorts are another popular style option for men. They are typically longer and looser than comparable athletic shorts, which provides a great range of motion for the wearer. Running shorts are another popular style of workout shorts frequently seen worn by men. They allow for a more extensive range of motion with a flexible fabric but still offer a decent amount of coverage and support with a liner.

Details Can Make or Break the Workout

Finally, focus on other vital factors that will make the workout shorts seem as though they’re made custom for you. Characteristics including lining, pockets, and wrinkle resistance can make or break even the best pair of shorts. One of our favorite aspects of these workout shorts is the additional side zipper pockets, which provide an extra layer of protection for life’s expensive mistakes—no more losing your phone at the gym or cracking a screen when it falls out of your pocket and hits the floor.

Regardless of what you’re doing, the most challenging choice you’ll have to make when purchasing shorts is picking the color and style that works best for you. The options are endless based on whether your plans include a day of biking, running, or just taking it easy around the house. Find shorts that will be perfect for sleeping comfortably, working out with extra support, or keeping you cool on the 18th hole. Just pair with your favorite shoes and a t-shirt or golf polo to pull off the ultimate look that will keep you cool all summer long.


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