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How to decorate a bedroom in a masculine style

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The design of a room for a young man is significantly different from a girl’s bedroom. The room designed for a woman is characterized by a large number of decorative details, jewelry, elegant elements, and glass. The man doesn’t like trinkets. Men’s interior is usually associated with the direction of the hobby and personality. The style concept is focused on aesthetic functionality and elegance.

Bedroom for a man – features of the composition

A room for a young man is decorated in neutral (gray, beige) or cold (blue, green) tones. Warm red, orange, burgundy colors are used as decorative accents. Rough surfaces, linear furniture with solid supports and a strong frame are appropriate here. The male interior is filled with only the furniture necessary for relaxation. The list of preferred items includes a sofa or a comfortable bed, a wardrobe, a TV, a table for work and study. The choice of a constructive solution for the workplace depends on the field of activity and the requirements of the tenant.

Male design is built taking into account the thematic style. It defines the rules of decoration, selection of colors, accessories, furniture. Regardless of the style in the room, a bed is installed. She always plays the role of a focal point. Depending on its location, the degree of illumination and the area of ​​​​the room, men’s wallpapers, lighting fixtures, a wardrobe, and decorative details are selected.

The room of a young man in a classic style – color harmony

A classic man’s room doesn’t have to be blue. The natural choice of colors depends only on the individual requirements of the young person. A man will feel comfortable in an elegant bedroom with a pleasant combination of colors of gray, black and brown spectrum. One of them becomes dominant. The intensity of the shade is selected depending on the degree of illumination of the room.

The black men’s bedroom is softened by furnishings with light wood finishes (hornbeam, linden, plane tree). The warm tones of the facades will make the atmosphere more comfortable. A bed with a classic headboard is complemented by twin bedside tables. Floor lamps with laconic lampshades of simple shapes are installed on both sides of the bed. Male wallpapers in black are highlighted with light spots in the form of black and white photographs with white mats.

Men’s bedroom in a minimalist style – restraint and simplicity

The man’s room evokes the association of simplicity of design, restraint and conciseness. It is these three concepts that reveal the essence of the concept of minimalism. A man with an analytical mind will appreciate the convenience of such a design, where function dominates cozy beauty.

The bedroom is completed with a simple bed with a solid base. The headboard with symmetrically built-in lights covers a wide area of ​​the wall around the bed. Bedside tables are fixed on the headboard platform or placed on the floor without legs. As furniture for clothes, she uses a built-in wardrobe with a glossy finish of sliding panels. The work table is selected with simple shapes on straight metal legs with a chair-chair without armrests in leather trim.

A masculine wallpaper or paint in the color of concrete will be the perfect backdrop for an ascetic interior. Self-leveling floors in graphite tone will support the spirit of minimalism in the room. The cool interior will be softened by the warm light of the lamps and the carpet with a long pile. A touch of comfort will be given by accessories in the form of old suitcases and paintings with graphics in sepia tones.

The room of a young man in a sporty style – the dynamics and energy of life

A young man who is passionate about football, tennis, swimming, basketball, always keeps posters with his favorite team, champions in the chosen sport, and various sports equipment. His room often reflects the direction of his passion. Here the bedroom is decorated with wallpaper with a sports theme, or painted in a neutral shade with appliqués fixed. A great idea would be to overlay a large-scale drawing on one of the walls of the room. The image is chosen according to the theme of the sport. A simple solution would be to order large-format printing on canvas and fix it on the wall.

It is important to think over the arrangement of furniture elements, organize a convenient storage system for sports equipment, books, magazines, educational supplies. A sliding wardrobe or custom-made furniture with spacious drawers will help to cope with this task.

Bedroom for a man in a marine style – space and freedom

Love for sea travel, scuba diving, windsurfing, water skiing, a man can carry through his whole life. Confirmation of the strongest passion for the sea will be his bedroom. The concept of nautical style is based on the organization of space, which evokes the association of space and freedom. Three colors are used here: blue, white and sand. On the walls, you can apply a drawing in the form of a yacht, stick photo wallpapers with the image of a sailing regatta, or paint surfaces in deep “sea” tones.

Against the background of such coatings, large, color photographs and paintings with ships and yachts will look great.

Finishing the floor is done using a natural board in a sunny shade. European pillowcases, corals, sea shells, and a steering wheel are used as textile decor. Fabrics – only natural linen, cotton, wool. For windows, you can choose flowing, long curtains or “Roman” striped blinds.

Choose a themed design for a young man’s bedroom, taking into account his personality! The created interior will give a feeling of comfort and the possibility of a good rest.


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