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How to Stay Stylish in the Rain as a Man?

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Rain, rain, go away, kids would sing, but rain rarely listens to their song and will keep raining until it has had enough. If you need to be out and about, you have no other option but to dress properly and face the challenge. You need clothes that protect you from the rain, but you’ll still look cool.

This is not always an easy task, as it is challenging to pull this off. Rain prevents you from walking down the street feeling calm and relaxed, and you must find a way to get from point A to point B without getting soaking wet.

In this article, we’re sharing some tips to help you remain stylish and ensure that the rain won’t affect your plans and ideas. Yes, you’ll go out and face the rain, but you’ll still look and feel great without being soaked. Keep reading if you want to know more about how to do this.

1. Wear an Akubra hat

Akubra hats are the perfect headwear for rainy days. These Australian-made hats are perfect for this kind of weather because they are made from materials that will repel the raindrops and protect your head from water. No water will reach your head, and since they are big enough, they’ll protect your shoulders too.

You need to pull off the style you want to wear this kind of hat and look cool, though. You can’t wear the Akubra hat with just anything, but if you love the country, non-formal, and casual look, these hats may be the perfect option for sunny and rainy days.

2. Wide black umbrella is a must when you’re wearing a suit

If you’re suited up and headed for a meeting, date, or any other more or less formal event, you’ll want to have an umbrella in your hands. The black umbrella goes with anything, but it’s perfect if you’re wearing a black suit.

Winter and autumn months, when there’s the most rain happening, mean you’ll probably wear a coat too. This outfit is perfect for staying cozy and warm, but it also looks excellent when you’re wearing an umbrella in one hand. The fact that you won’t feel a single drop on your clothes is just a plus.

3. Leather boots are a must

One of the most important parts of your body you want to protect when you’re going out on a rainy day is your feet. If you’re wearing shoes that will absorb water, you’ll get your socks wet and your feet too. This is a classic recipe for catching a cold.

To protect your feet, it’s best to wear winter waterproof shoes or standard leather boots. Depending on your style and mood, you can pick any color and type of boots or waterproof shoes, but you want them to be made of leather or other materials that will ensure you’re not getting water inside.

4. Waterproof jacket if you’re going sporty

You can wear a waterproof jacket when your style is sporty or casual. There are many options on the market, and you should get one that will fit your style and needs perfectly. Most people will have at least two different jackets with different colors, lengths, and designs.

These jackets are worn with nearly everything except when you’re going formal. Jeans, trousers, and even summer shorts go perfectly fine with a waterproof jacket that will protect you. When you’re wearing it, you stay completely dry under the jacket, and when you take it off, it looks like you haven’t been outside at all.

5. Raincoat for biking or if you have no other options

A raincoat is an option for those who want to stay entirely dry under any circumstance. For example, bikers and people walking to work will have raincoats covering their entire bodies. Most of these raincoats are made from pure see-through plastic that provides easy movement.

They are highly convenient and let you move freely, allowing you to get to your location without having any contact with the rain. The only thing that will feel the rain is the bottom of your shoes. Raincoats are also perfect for kids, as they allow children to do their thing, have fun, and still be safe.


Nothing feels better than having no obligations; you just finished a successful project and walked outside in the rain wearing perfect clothes to protect you from it. There’s a certain magic in the calm rain falling and you wearing the right clothes.

If you want to feel and be stylish outside in the rain, you should follow these five tips we discussed above. Wear the right hat, umbrella, or raincoat, but maintain your glamorous look. That’s how you will enjoy the rain, and now you’re flawless in the eyes of others.


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