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10 Super-Quick Ways To Clean Your House

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Nobody likes cleaning – except professionals. We love it. However, we don’t enjoy spending more time than we have to on cleaning our homes. Especially when it has to be done each and every single day. If your house is a total mess and luckily if you live in Vegas, you can call up the professional house cleaning in Las Vegas so that you don’t have to sweat the whole day.

However, if you want to Do-It-Yourself, here are 10 ways to make cleaning your home a quick breeze.

1. Five Minutes

More often than not, a large problem is getting into the mood for cleaning. Let’s be honest: it’s hard to want to clean. That’s why the Five-Minute Principle, as I call it, is a phenomenal “tool.” Here’s what you do:

  • Load up some karaoke songs
  • Put on a timer for 5 minutes
  • Clean for 5 minutes

2. Pick One Task

Cleaning one room at a time is time efficient, but not energy efficient. You’ll be so tired you won’t want to clean the rest of the home. A far better way is to pick a chore, whether it’s sweeping, mopping or vacuuming – and perform that chore in each room of the house. This will prevent you from getting into an endless cleaning cycle.

3. Fluff Pillows

Pillow fluffing makes the room look more vibrant. It will make you feel like your home is cleaner than it is. It’s a small reason why hotel rooms look much livelier and professional.

4. Dish Soap

Dish soap cleans more than just dishes. I have a bottle (from the dollar store) filled with a few globs of dish soap, lavender essential oil and water. I use it to clean the stovetop, counters, tables, dusting, etc.

5. Listen To Music

This one hardly needs explaining: catchy, feel-good music is a great motivating tool. I have a setlist of metal songs which gets me through washing dishes. I have a pop hit playlist for sweeping, mopping and laundry. It makes tasks easier when you’re having fun.

6. One At a Time

Cleaning used to be a chore, instead of a responsibility I owe to myself. That is until I figured out: don’t look at everything as a mess that needs to be cleaned. It is much easier to look at one small area that needs to be cleaned – and then focus on that.

7. Top to Bottom

Whether you’re dusting, sweeping, mopping, or scrubbing. Always work from top to bottom. This way, the particles and gunk from the top will fall to the bottom first. Then you merely clean the bottom. Working from bottom to top will force everything at the top to fall, making you clean the bottom again.

8. Clear The Clutter

Grab 2 or 3 baskets and go throughout your house with them. Put any random items and stuff in the baskets. Anything that isn’t in a room where it belongs goes in the basket.

9. Wipe Down Surfaces

Remove items from any and all surfaces. Counters, desks, lights, toys, pictures, etc. This will make wiping and dusting hard surfaces easier. Shinier surfaces such as tables will breathe more life into your home.

10. Tools

When was the last time you washed your broom? How often do you disinfect your scrubbies and rags? How about a vacuum with a full bag? Make a routine of cleaning your cleaning supplies to prevent gunk build up, which makes your responsibility far less efficient.


A clean home isn’t about cleaning for the sake of it. It is your home, it’s where you live. Homes are extensions of ourselves. We owe it to ourselves to keep our place clean and tidy.



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