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The 8 Best Colognes For Men In 2020

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2020 has been anything but a breath of fresh air, but that doesn’t mean everything has to be sour. Although we may not be going out as much as usual, personal care is still super important for our wellbeing and overall attitude—and smelling good makes life a little sweeter.

These eight best colognes for men in 2020 are perfect for guys who want to show off their sense of sophistication, sportiness, and sex appeal. No matter your personality, you should be able to find a scent that matches your charisma and character. Each of these fragrance selections are sure to impress, and they even come at a variety of price points.

Michael Kors Extreme Sky Eau De Toilette – 4.2 fl oz

Magical and masculine, this Extreme Sky scent from designer Michael Kors is creative, cool, and crisp, with lingering hints of sweet spice that stimulate the senses. The sleek, sky-blue bottle is simple and straightforward, but what’s inside is what truly counts. A spritz or two of Extreme Sky does the trick, and although the name says “extreme,” this one is perfect for everyday use.

Cost: $88.00

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Atelier Versace Vanille Rouge – 3.4 fl oz

Exquisite packaging lets you know that this fine fragrance from designer Versace is top-notch—it’s just right for the dapper dude who is looking to impress without being obvious or obnoxious. Outward appearances aside, the sublime scent inside the bottle is nothing short of spectacular, combining the subtle sweetness of Madagascar vanilla with manly musk, perfect pralines, and a hint of rose. The unexpected yet harmonious mix is intoxicating and intriguing. Any man who wears this scent is sure to attract plenty of attention!

Cost: $380.00

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Caswell-Massey Number Six – Supernatural Formula – 3 fl oz

This old-fashioned formula has been around since 1772, but a true classic never goes out of style. A woodsy scent is delicately balanced by a cool combination of bergamot, rosemary, and neroli. It’s also touched with manly musk and a hint of soothing lavender to round it out. Notice some clove and amber on the nose as well as a bit of rose as you inhale and enjoy. There is no worry that you will tire of this Caswell-Massey scent—if it has been around this long, there is no doubt it’s legit. Love it now and for generations to come—you may just pass along your bottle to your boys.

Cost: $165.00

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Diesel BAD – 1.1 fl oz

You don’t necessarily have to be a “bad boy” to wear BAD – it’s just too good to pass up. The tobacco and caviar scent combo hits your nose with a surprising twist that is both interesting and strangely inviting. With additional notes of invigorating citrus, warm spice, bergamot, and cardamom, BAD is a rare combo of coolness and creativity. The leather-like bottle is rugged, but what’s inside isn’t too strong or overpowering. In fact, BAD is pretty good at striking a manly yet understated balance to create an outstanding scent.

Cost: $40.00

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EXPRESS Legend – 2.5 fl oz

EXPRESS, a shopping mall staple, is best known for their easy-to-wear clothing. But before you get dressed for the day, spray on a scent that is also easygoing and quite affordable. Legend leads with a welcoming woodsy effervescence and a dab of musk which many men tend to lean towards when selecting a fragrance. The mandarin and lavender in the scent profile refresh the fragrance so that it that works for both a regular day at the office or formal evening events. You certainly don’t have to spend a fortune to smell fresh—EXPRESS delivers a high-quality scent for a very affordable cost!

Cost: $20.00

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Brickell Accolade – 1.7 fl oz

Those who prefer to use all-natural products in their routine will be very impressed with this fragrance option. You can always trust the fine folks at Brickell to deliver an organic cologne that won’t disappoint the olfactory senses. Accolade is arousing with its blend of fine Italian bergamot, soothing sandalwood, cedarwood, Guaiac wood, and fresh lemon that brightens the overall quality. The woodsy combo is rich and robust, which is perfect for the guy who wants to stand out from the crowd.

Cost: $60.00

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David’s Perfume #01: Amber & Cashmere – 2 fl oz

The dynamic duo of spice and wood make David’s Perfume #01 simple, yet their special formula is anything but basic. The beautiful blend is well-balanced and takes your breath away with a rush of amber and the softness of cashmere. No matter the setting or scenario you find yourself in, this scent is always appropriate and aromatic. David obviously knows what he’s doing. Take his cue, and you’ll be #1 too.

Cost: $60.00

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Yves Saint Laurent Y Eau De Parfum – 3.3 fl oz

Apples and sage are an earthy, naturalistic combo. But when these elements are blended with vetiver, woodsy aromas, and fine-tuned freshness, they create a scent that is perfectly refined and interestingly refreshing. The Yves Saint Laurent brand is known to be mature and anything but mediocre. So if you’re searching for a fragrance that truly embraces the elegance of Yves Saint Laurent, look no further than Eau De Parfum. Show the world you’re a real winner with a scent that says everything about your personal style and smart sensibilities.

Cost: $125.00

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Purchase the Perfect Cologne

With one of these eight best colognes for men in 2020, your heavenly scent is sure to turn heads and make a lasting statement. Whether you’re quarantining by yourself or with a special someone snuggling by your side, know that your fragrance selection is suitable for even the smallest of gatherings. Treat yourself to a new cologne that is right up your alley, and discover what you’ve been missing from your daily routine. Smelling good is truly a must for every man—so spray away and seize the day!



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