An Ultimate Guide Of What Men Should Wear For Horse Racing Carnivals

The most important event for all horse race lovers that is held in Australia annually is the Melbourne Cup. This is a several day events. When all of the sports lovers, punters, and the elite gathers for the spectacular show. As this event is very popular among society many people come as guests. It is also no surprise that the event of such importance has its own rules and dress code.

This year the Melbourne Cup hosted thousands of people, all dressed in a very unique and outstanding manner. The carnival especially supported men’s fashion. Men who sport a sock-free style are an affront to fashion to some, but to others, the look is a fresh take on spring. Victoria Racing Club chairman Amanda Elliott announced that Flemington will embrace sockless men in the refined Members Enclosure and Birdcage for the first time.

General Suits For The races

When it comes to the official event, the most obvious thing is to wear a suit. Although it is called a festival and is not like any similar other days, it is still an official event. Close attention is paid to the dress code of the guests. The best option is to wear a suit, but slightly different from the ordinary office one and definitely not the black suit that people wear at work.

The carnival gives the perfect opportunity to express personality and to dress up according to one’s taste. Feel free to express your personality with a mixture of different styles and colors. The experiments with colors are very much welcome. It can be a combination of plum, light or dark blue, cream or beige, something that brings the summer look vibe. The texture should also be suitable for the warm sunny days and as far as it feels comfortable and effortlessly stylish it is acceptable for the carnival.

Jacket And Trousers Color Combination

While choosing an outfit it is always important to choose the right color. First of all, it should match the personality and if the person experiments with some bright colors, it is a perk. This can be as simple as wearing different colors from bottom to top. This will definitely make an outstanding look from the rest of the crowd.


The different color jacket to the trousers is the tailoring and fashion that has become increasingly popular. The most important thing is to find a shirt and a jacket which compliment each other well. This is also the most difficult part.

Foot Be Comfortable But Smart

While talking about smart shoes, consider that those are not trainers or any other type. But also smart does not mean boring. In terms of color and style, they should be fitting with the rest of your outfit.


If you are wearing a suit, you can keep it simple with Oxford’s or Derbies, which will still match the rest of the outfit. If you’re going for a more colorful look with separate jacket and trousers or chinos, you could try a pair of brogues. And you can always add some color to your footwear, for example, a pair of smart suede shoes.

Timeless Colors

If you are already quite colorful with your jacket, trousers or suit, it is obvious that you would want to calm down your look with some classic and classy shirts. This will keep the look distinctive but not too much.


It is good to wear timeless colors that are very classical. Those timeless colors include white, grey and blue. Choose the one that matches the rest of the outfit the most.

Tie The Tie Or Fold The Pocket Square

Details matter. This is the most important thing that you should remember while choosing an outfit. The smart look can be ingrained in small details such as ties or pocket squares. You should be formal, but not boring.

Go for something with a color that compliments the shirt and jacket. Inoffensive patterns and stripes are a really good idea and add more of an edge than a plain tie would. You might want a pocket square too. Depending on the rest of the outfit you can go for the simple but classic square fold, which is as easy to do as it sounds. This fact highlights your ability to be outstanding and trendy.


Accessories are an inevitable part of every look and outfit. This is something that expresses the personality really well and can add an extra perk to the look. The best accessory for men obviously watches.


This is the choice of a real gentleman. It can be minimalistic and classical and still the best investment in the look. One more accessory common to men is sunglasses. The good sunglasses may not only protect you from the sun but give a fresh and effortlessly cool look.

What If It Gets Cold?

If the race is held during the cold period of the year, the question of a smart, warm and still stylish look may be raised. It is obvious that you can not wear any smart shoes or only a light shirt within the winter period. What you can do is still making the combination stated previously thought with the warmer clothes.


To maintain a smart look, you can go for an overcoat. The overcoat will keep the look smart and will keep you warm. Choose the color that best matches the rest of the outfit and the suit.

As for the foot, in order to keep them warm and still stylish, go for the Chelsea boots. These are the smartest boots you’ll find, and are almost like shoes, but are ankle length.

Winter accessory could also be a nice and warm scarf.


At the end of the day, you came to the carnival for having fun. So, if you are afraid of spoiling your shoes, it is very unlikely that you can get the best out of it. Play with the colors and express your personality.


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