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Diamond tennis bracelet: A buying guide

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Exuding class and grace, a tennis bracelet is the perfect choice for those who want to add glamorous elegance to their outfits. They’re exceedingly easy to dress up or down, making them an essential piece for all women. If you’re looking for a glitzy accessory to add to your jewellery collection or looking for a gift for the lady in your life, look no further than a tennis bracelet.

What is a tennis bracelet?

Don’t worry – you don’t have to be a tennis player to wear this sort of bracelet! It simply describes a bracelet that is set with diamonds all around the surrounding metal. The previous name – in-line bracelets – is perhaps a more accurate description but a 1978 tennis match caused a stir and popularised the current name. During that year’s US Open Tennis tournament, player Chris Evert’s in-line bracelet broke during the match which caused her to pause the game and retrive it. While it’s disputed whether or not the term was solely coined just after this event, it certainly seems to have made it more widespread.

Choosing your metal

Your choice of metal plays a big part in the overall look your chosen tennis bracelet has. While platinum is the traditional choice, jewellers such as the Diamonds Factory allow you to choose from yellow, white and rose gold too. Consider the contrast the metal can make when combined with the diamonds. Platinum and white gold is the choice if you want a bracelet that sparkles brilliantly when catching the light. Rose gold, on the other hand, is a great choice for those wishing to escape tradition while retaining plenty of feminine charm. If you’re considering yellow gold, you’ll end up with a bracelet that combines the best of modern and traditional trends.

Other considerations

There are several other things you should consider when purchasing your tennis bracelet. For example, what cut of diamond do you prefer? Just like the choice of metal, this can have a huge effect on the overall look of the piece. They traditionally feature princess and round cuts, although you can also find emerald, oval and mixed shaped bracelets too. Consider the type of jewellery you wear in your everyday life to help you make up your mind. You want to get as much wear as possible out of it, so purchasing an item that matches your everyday outfits and accessories is a good idea.

You’ll want to consider the setting that will hold the diamond. Typically, a prong is used, which looks similar to a claw (each ‘claw’ is a prong). You must consider how many prongs you would like to hold your diamonds, and you can typically get between one to four prongs on a tennis bracelet. There are other styles however, including channel, pave and full bezel. A bezel is one that has metal surrounding the stone, whereas channel consists of two rows of metal that line and secure it. Alternatively, a pave setting is where the diamonds are attached to the metal with smaller drops of metal, which makes it appear as if the metal band has been paved with stones.

A small but important detail is the clasp. There are a multitude of different styles to choose from, although both a lobster or spring-ring clasp is a great choice due to how secure they are. You should avoid hooks as they come undone easily; this is okay for casual, lightweight pieces, but you should avoid them when it comes to diamonds.

How to clean a tennis bracelet

Once you’ve purchased your tennis bracelet, you’ll want to keep it as sparkly as possible. Rather than investing in fancy gadgets and cleaners, all you need is some unfragranced soap. Mix this with some warm water and allow your bracelet to soak in the solution for ten to fifteen minutes. Then, brush it very carefully with a soft bristled toothbrush until any residue or dirt has been removed. You should do this at least once a month or more if you wear it often.

There’s nothing quite as glamorous as a diamond tennis bracelet. This choice of accessory never goes out of style, nor does it require much cleaning, therefore making the perfect gift for every lady.


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