How to Dress in 2019: Top Tips from India’s Best Fashion Designers

India can never be ignored when it comes to fashion trends of the world. India’s attires such as Kurtis and sarees have found their places in almost all cultures and all countries around the world, and their adoption by the masses is still increasing. This is why when the top Indian fashion designers speak, everyone who has an interest in Indian attires must stop and listen.

Trends predicted for 2018 all took off on a very strong note, and those who jumped in at the right time manifested nothing but uniqueness and elegance in their dressing. For 2019, the fashion designers have spoken, and if you want to stay ahead of the curve, then here are some of the trends you should watch out for in 2019.

Non-sustainable fashion is something of the past

Gone are the days when people are going to keep on putting non-sustainable fashion. It refers to fashion made from non-sustainable materials – the materials whose use have a direct impact on the environment. Designers are keen on coming up with sustainable fashion to help bring more awareness to the fact that we need to take good care of the environment at all times, and such should also be observed with our dressings.

For 2019, it is expected that attires made from non-sustainable materials will see a sharp decline, as most designers have chosen to not travel that route, and it means that the number of such attires will also be less in the market. If you care about the environment, you must also adapt and do away with such attire.

More ivory and gold for the brides

The use of ivory and gold in Indian traditional wedding attires is not anything new, but a surge is expected in the following years, with the trend expected to pick up more steam in 2019. The elegance, opulence, and versatility of using gold and ivory in wedding dresses are what brings the greatest attraction to the brides.

It allows them to come up with all manner of styles to suit the uniqueness they will always want for their weddings. Besides, the trend has been heavily popularized by stars and celebrities from Bollywood, making them the accepted code of dressing for nearly every bride in Indian.

The year of monochrome

Monochrome simply means one color. It is a concept that was well received in other aspects of design, but it seemed to have taken too long to have its roots embedded in the fashion industry. The reason for this is because single colors were thought to be too simplistic. But this is no longer the case.

It seems there is a shift towards minimalism in design, and now everyone wants it plain and simple and the monochrome designs have not failed to impress in the Indian fashion industry. By using just a single color, and contrasting with another, but in a very small and fair form, monochrome designs have proved that they can be more than elegant.

Pinks and blues will be back

When most people got introduced to Indian fashion, the colors they are likely to remember apart from gold and silver are pink and blue. These used to be the default colors for most Indian attires and if you decided to make your purchase from stores such as Amazon, Flipkart, Jabong, Myntra and Stylecaret which happens to be one of the fast growing startups in India’s ecommerce space

But just like other trends, the pinks and the blues for some time seemed to have disappeared back into the oblivion. However, this is no longer the case. They seem to be making a very strong come back, and you will be surprised that most designers are now keen on reviving a trend that was once the hallmark of Indian sarees and Kurtis. If you never rocked on them, you probably have another chance to try them out.

Silver will be the new gold

Gold and ivory are primarily for bridal dresses, and rarely will you see them in the rest of the attire. Silver is considered to be the new gold for those looking for super elegance in their dressings. With silver, the elegance and opulence are not lost, and its versatility ensures that it can be used with a myriad of Indian attires. Whether you want to add a stroke of elegance during a party or you just want to have a sophisticated look, you can trust that accessorizing with silver will always do the trick.

The power of flowers is back

Flowers and such prints can now be seen everywhere in most of the Indian attires. Gone are the days when such were considered dresses for little girls who dreamt about fairy tales. Currently, they are in mainstream fashion and if you are interested in catching and riding on trends, then you have every reason to consider the power of flowers in 2019. Such designs have always been beautiful irrespective of whether they are on the tops, bottoms or the beloved Sarees. Besides, they are also ideal for all kinds of wears, be it formal or informal. Be sure to increase your collection of flower dresses if you want to remain relevant in the Indian fashion in 2019.



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