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Justin Bieber’s Drew House Fashion Collection Is Made In Sunny L.A.

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Justin Bieber’s Drew House collection just dropped and every single item from the collection is currently sold out. This fashion brand features streetwear clothing that’s made the ethical way, right in sunny L.A.

These days, the world’s biggest musical artists compete in the world of hypebeast fashion, as well as on the Billboard charts. If you’re a Bieber fan, you may want to get your hands on signature pieces from the newest Drew House collection…if you can!

News of Justin’s engagement and subsequent stealth wedding to Hailey Baldwin (now Hailey Bieber) keep Justin’s profile high in the press. His perennial status as an A-list musical artist is the motor behind the success of this fledgling fashion brand.

Justin’s been photographed in the signature Mascot Hoodie in Golden Yellow. This design features the brand’s newly-iconic happy face logo. While Drew House fans will need to wait for the company to replenish its inventory, many fashion-conscious Bieber fans are definitely willing to wait.

Part of the fun of hypebeast clothing is its exclusivity. It’s not easy to get and that just drives demand.

What Is Drew House All About?

This brand’s new and coveted collection features fourteen pieces. Every piece is designed to be unisex. All are produced in limited amounts in Los Angeles. Each piece is garment washed and then dyed. This means that every piece of clothing is unique, like the person who wears it. Clothing is available in sizes from extra-small to 2XL. There are six sizes in all.

The plethora of earth tones gives this capsule collection a definite Yeezy vibe. This collection is heavy on camel. The overall palette for the new collection is limited to the ubiquitous camel, along with golden yellow, red and black. Standout pieces from Drew House include the Mascot Hoodie we mentioned earlier, as well as Chaz Corduroy Shorts, which feature the word, “drew” in lower case letters, right at crotch level.

Prices range from 48 USD for a basic T to 148 USD for a Chaz Corduroy LS Shirt. Some fans have taken to social media to complain about the prices of Drew House garments. Overall, prices aren’t too different than the prices of Drake’s OVO fashion collection. This stuff costs less than comparable Yeezy designs. If you want to avoid clothes created through mass production processes, and you’re willing to invest in high quality, Drew House may be right for you.

Fit for the Drew House collection is loose and relaxed. This is clothing you can chill in. It’s designed to be comfortable, as well as a streetwear status symbol.

Embrace The Scumbro Aesthetic

If you’re a fan of Justin’s “scumbro” style, you can get the scumbro look with Drew House. Going scumbro is all about donning costly streetwear with a sense of irony. It’s style that’s embraced by Bieber, Pete Davidson and Jonah Hill. It’s hypebeast, but subtle. Drew House embodies the scumbro aesthetic.

Now that you know more about Drew House, you may want to get on the fashion brand’s email subscription list. This may be the best way to find out when Justin Bieber’s fashion brand restocks the most-wanted pieces from the new collection.


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