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How to Pack a Suit

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Our guide to packing a suit. No fuss. No Muss.


So how do you pack a suit?

Well, most claim it’s easy and say anyone can teach you how to pack a suit. Truth is, packing a suit is a skillful art that requires practice and separates the men from the boys. Packing a suit is exceptionally difficult when your weekender bag already has all the manly necessities packed in it. So we did some research with some garment professionals on the most effective way to pack your suit into your carry-on without having embarrassing wrinkles and looking like you just picked it up from the dry cleaner.


Step 1.

Place your suit face down carefully onto a flat surface to prevent wrinkles.

How to pack a suit | Step 1


Step 2.

Fold the left shoulder of your suit over to the right shoulder.

How to pack a suit | Step 2


Step 3.

Grab the right shoulder and flip inside out, then place left shoulder under the right side of the suit jacket

How to pack a suit | Step 3


Step 4.

Fold jacket in half lengthwise on the spine and then carefully fold from bottom of jacket to the suit collar.

How to pack a suit | Step 4

Step 5.

Place your crisply folded suit jacket in the middle of your freshly pressed pants.

How to pack a suit | Step 5

Step 6.

Fold the pant legs neatly over the jacket, followed by the belt side.

How to pack a suit | Step 6


One quick note before you head out onto the Tarmac.

Just like anything else. There is more than one way to pack your suit into a suitcase. Follow the steps above to have your suit looking as crisp as when you bought it. However it does help to have a bag that is designed to protect your gentleman armor. We have a few choice picks here. 

Enjoy your flight!



Don’t want to worry about how to fold your suit?

We have a solution! Get the Hook & Albert garment weekender bag instead!

Hook & Albert Weekender Garment Bag



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