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Interactive MultiTouch Table

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The Mozayo multi touch interactive table was designed with both technology and aesthetics in mind. A collaboration with MSTRF Design Studio, and utilizing sacred geometry and the Fibonacci principle, the Mozayo was infused with an ultra modern, yet classically elegant motif to create the perfect addition to the living room, lounge, executive office, and the luxury event.

Each Mozayo is hand crafted and manufactured locally in Orange County, CA. The integration of the Pulse IR Technology, HD Liquid Crystal Display, and the i7 (M42-PRO) Quad Core Processor are the work of our world-class engineers.

The Mozayo, therefore, arrives at your door as a “Plug & Play” unit ready to serve as an immersive, multi user platform, while adding an extraordinary flair to your space.

The large screen on the multi-touch table is perfect for entertaining or just personal gaming time. If you’ve got an account at you could turn your living room into a casino and really get your guests excited about coming over to your place. Many games to offer so your guests will never be board.


Commanding, Powerful, and strikingly handsome.

The MP42-PRO is not shy about its size and appreciates all the attention it receives from its captivated audience. An impressive and luxurious centerpiece, this 42” table, featuring the standard 1080P HD LCD is powered by the most advanced system, made to draw a crowd, engage, and inspire.


MP42-PRO offers connections via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, USB, Video-Out (DVI), and Audio-Out ports.


M42-PRO is a fully functional table, which serves your ever day needs in any waiting room, or lounge.


Designed exclusively by MSTRF Design Studio, each table is a work of art; hand crafted and made in the U.S. MSTRF’s design philosophy is based on the Fibonacci principle.

MP42-PRO is the largest Mozayo offering, measuring: 54” L X 36” W X 17” H

IP34 Water Resistant

We realize that accidents happen, and have taken precautions to protect your table from occasional (surface) spills.


The 42” 1080P High Definition Display offers the best in class image. Optimal quality display.


Anti-Reflection/Anti-Glare, thermal treated, tempered glass.


The 42” Mozayo comes standard with a 1080P High Definition Display integrates with an IR Touch Frame, enabling a truly remarkable, responsive and intuitive multi touch surface.


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