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What Are My Best Options For Phone Protection?

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Undoubtedly, at some point you have been tasked with having to decide between form and function while figuring out the best way to protect your mobile device. People are on their phones more than ever and, as expensive as these devices can be, this decision has become a very real dilemma. On the one hand it is easy to make an argument for function: choose a bulky case that makes your phone nearly indestructible? Easy. However; these cumbersome safeguards can prove to not only be impractical, but dull and ugly as well. So, on the opposite hand you find a desire for form: opting for little (or no) additional protection for the sake of design, keeping the device sleek and sexy. But considering how often a phone typically changes hands and pockets throughout a day… this can be a seriously dangerous game.

The real challenge lies in finding harmony between the two. Clearly, you want to protect your investment… but you want to be able to flaunt your personality (or at least fit your phone in your front pocket) at the same time. Fortunately, the two no longer have the need to be mutually exclusive. There are now cases designed to offer a high level of protection while staying true to the design of the phone itself. They allow every day users to confidently display their devices without having to live in fear of the dreaded hand to pocket miscue. Oooh…. So close…

Corner case – Pure and sexy, corner cases are a minimalist’s dream come true. With the help of a little fancy math, engineers have discovered how to keep your dropped phone safe by identifying and fortifying its most common points of contact. By simply reinforcing and covering these “hot spots” it is easy to keep your phone intact while showing off its original design (and for additional protection you can pair your corner case with a glass screen protector using this Utomic promo code). No frills, no added bulk, just peace of mind and sanctity of design. Very nice.

Soft Covers/Gel Covers – If you are more inclined to cover up your phone a bit and make it a little more “uniquely you” (or maybe you’re a little more old-school and don’t trust all that engineering and math mumbo-jumbo) then a soft or gel cover may be the way to go. It is easy to find creative designs or styles that can make your phone pop while adding minimal girth. Soft covers also tend to have the bonus benefit of adding a little bit of grip to your phone… which can be particularly helpful in handling some of the larger devices (I’m looking at you iPhone 6+) on the market today. For those of us with commitment issues (or those who just to match their phone with their outfit of the day) Wisdompro offers a variety of multi-color soft shells for each day of the work week.

Hard Shell – Finally; Even if you insist on having a hard piece of plastic surrounding your phone, all is not lost. Thin hard-shell cases offer the peace of mind associated with old-school protection while still keeping your phone looking classy and professional. While they tend to be the bulkiest and most concealing of the three, hard cases can offer additional benefits like flip covers to protect the screen or kickstands if you’re ever feeling too lazy to hold your phone. Also, for those of you who just hate having a bunch of things in your pockets, some hard cases can also double as a card holder/wallet to help cut the clutter.

Unless you are a construction worker or a mountain climber – a lot of the massive rubberized cases you see protecting phones today can be serious overkill. There’s really no need for your phone to be able to absorb the shock from Thor’s hammer or be waterproof up to a mile underwater.  You don’t wrap your couch in plastic or wear a helmet when you walk outside; so why essentially do just that to your phone? Protect your phone but stay classy! Please, embrace the unique design of your phone in a way that won’t make Steve Jobs roll over in his grave.

Digital Security – If you are only thinking of the outside of your phone you might want to also look into the inside of your phone. Passwords need to be protected to ensure no one can get into your private collection or tamper with your gambling accounts. Get yourself a password vault and change up your passwords for every thing you use on your phone. No 2 applications should have the same password. If you’ve got an account to  on your phone you wont need to worry about that too much as they take account security more seriously than most online gaming companies. However everything else? get it secured.


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