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Military Influence on Menswear Fashion

Sailun Tires

Military style clothing has always had an influence on menswear and street style, but it has become apparent in the last few years that the trend towards outdoors and military styles has become even more commonplace. Mainstream menswear (and women’s fashion modeled after menswear) has shown a very pronounced military/hunter/outdoorsman influence of late, and it’s a style that’s very well encapsulated by online stores such as Military 1st. Military 1st is a perfect example of a store previously geared towards outdoor enthusiasts but which has now found itself being shopped at by the general public; people who are actively looking for items to complete their trendy military look. This style can be best defined using three categories: army jackets, combat boots, and camouflage backpacks.

Military style jackets and parkas have been extremely popular the last few years, camouflage patterned or not. It makes sense–these jackets are comfortable, durable, and water resistant. For the modern man, this style of jacket offers a practical, three season, and inexpensive option.



Combat boots and hiking boots are another styles that have recently become more mainstream. Previously only worn by soldiers, police, and outdoorsmen, combat or tactical boots are now downright trendy.

And then, of course, there are camouflage backpacks. They’re cool again! Once considered to be only for hikers, travellers, and students,  are part of the mainstream now – these days everyone has a camo backpack. The military style backpacks and rucksacks sold on Military 1st are popular with outdoorsmen and urban commuters alike. In the world of modern menswear, the backpack is now appropriate for everything from biking to the coffee shop to going to a work conference.

While many military type bags have camouflage, it is not necessary to have one in the style of the old-fashioned army rucksack. Modern versions are as durable and ready for everything as their predecessors but come sleeker and with a low-profile look. Either way, if you prefer vintage or modern look, military backpacks can be part of both and are perfect for any man’s daily adventure.

The surge in popularity of army-inspired and outdoors clothing can be attributed to many cultural and societal factors, one of which is society’s rediscovered interest in outdoor recreation. Today’s younger generations are finding themselves spending more and more of their free time in the out of doors while simultaneously moving to urban areas in great numbers. Hiking and camping are now more popular than ever, as young people seek to escape the cities on their days off. Therefore, there is now a distinct need for the modern man (or woman) to have a closet full of clothes and gear that can withstand rough use in the woods or mountains, while still being practical and attractive enough for city wear. And with the prevalence of outdoor styles in men’s fashion, it is now entirely possible to have a wardrobe full of outdoors gear and still be on trend.


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