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Most Notable Men’s Red Carpet Looks at the 2017 Grammys

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After a depressing political reality in January, we all have something to keep our minds busy in the month of February; from the excitement of the Superbowl commercials and half time performance, to what designers are showcasing for Fall Winter 2017 during Fashion Week, and finally, it’s also award season from here on out. This will be a busy month for PR, critics, and fashion followers.

Let’s review some of our most notable looks for men from the 2017 Grammy’s Red Carpet.

1. John Legend went with a classic black suit from Gucci instead of a tuxedo

Instead of opting for a tuxedo at this Red Carpet event, John Legend went with a classic, nicely fitted black suit from Gucci. This is a great ongoing trend that helps alleviate the headaches we all face when trying to decide whether a tuxedo is a good investment, since most of us will not attending many events in our lifetime that requires one. Invest in a nicely tailored black suit with proportionate cuff and hem lengths. Always dress it up with a bow tie and maybe even finish it off with pocket square.



2. Steve Aoki in Ermenegildo Zegna Couture

If you want to dress for the event and go with the traditional tuxedo option then ask yourself which lapel style is right for your shoulder built and face shape. Always ask a salesperson for their advice as a second opinion; yes, they can be pushy but do not be afraid to utilize their knowledge. They prefer that you are satisfy with your purchase and rather you not return the outfit after no one gives you any compliments on your big night. More importantly, no belts as true tuxedo trousers will not have belt loops. Here we have Steve Aoki in a traditional tuxedo look from Ermenegildo Zegna Couture.


3. Nick Jonas went with a more casual/rock & roll approach in an embellished Balmain look

With the rise of teenage viewers combined with fashion becoming more and more “Luxe Casual”/easy-to-wear, sometimes it is okay to wear pieces that are traditionally less structured but with embellishments for a Red Carpet event. Always watch out for proportions, and careful to not be overly flashy. Here we have Nick Jonas with a more casual/rock & roll approach in an embellished Balmain look. Try to stick with black and not a sandblasted, Swarovski-encrusted blue denim jacket. Just because it’s Balmain, doesn’t make it right.


4. The Chainsmokers is having a modern take on traditional suits in Dior Homme

If you are tired of the traditional black suit or tuxedo look, then try something that is more fashion-forward but inspired by the classic looks. The Chainsmokers is having a modern take on these traditional suits from Dior Homme. Remove the buttons on this double-breasted style blazer in exchange for interesting metal hardware clasps (Left) or have fun with some prints (Right). Make sure to keep something understated; if it is a fashion-forward blazer, then keep it single-coloured, preferably darker tones, if the whole suit is in a printed fabric, then keep everything else simple. Also, avoid matching your socks to the ground and prevent looking like a floating footless body in photos.


5. Chance the Rapper in an allover grey/shrunken number from Thom Browne

Shrunken suits has always been my favourite trend due to its versatility of being casual and dressy, depending on what it is paired with. Here we have Chance the Rapper in an allover grey/shrunken number from Thom Browne, whom brought back this style and made it popular again. It is also not a regular suit jacket but because the proportions are nicely executed along with correct use of fabric, this look can pass for a Red Carpet event, especially important music events where boundaries are pushed. I prefer it without the baseball hat as an average person.


6. Flume

Flume also got the right idea to add a hint of interesting design on his classic black suit. His proportions are correct and he paired this jacket back to regular/understated pieces.


7. Jason Derulo made his look more memorable with a fur overcoat

When you are tired of the traditional three-piece tuxedo, add some accessories; a brooch or pins, maybe incorporate different textures onto your plain tonal outfit. Jason Derulo made his look more memorable with a fur overcoat. If that has been a plain overcoat, I suggest to leave it at home. The iridescent black fur definitely gave his outfit more dimensions, especially when all the black colours are the same shade from vest to blazer to pants and overcoat, the silky lapel isn’t even enough to help break apart the black tone.


Ankle Length pants are continuing to dominate men’s red carpet looks this season

One last trend that is here to stay is ankle length pants are continuing to dominate men’s red carpet looks this season from BJ the Chicago Kid to Sean Douglas (right) and Skrillex (despite the fact that he is not in a suit but again, his proportions are correct which elevated his casual outfit). This is great for any height, a slim cut shorter length pant makes a person look more polished, so stay away from those cuffed hems and pant breaks you always see.


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