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How to Hold a Cigar with Swagger

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There is more to smoking a cigar than merely knowing how to do the cutting and lighting.
Partaking in this gentlemanly activity involves understanding the etiquette involved with enjoying a cigar.

Cigars are so much more than their close cousin, the cigarette, could ever hope to be. And not
often do they actually get the respect they deserve from those that inhale their nectar.



How to hold a cigar?

If you wish to elevate yourself to the class of gentlemen, it is essential that you understand what
is involved with actually holding a cigar as it deserves. A cigar is a piece of culture. Knowing
how to handle it shows those around you that, as a gentleman, you are indeed an individual of
refined tastes, much deserving of the blessings of the cigar, with some tips regarding the
handling of a cigar including the following:

  • Before even making plans about how you will go about holding the cigar, make certain that you
    keep it straight. How you choose to hold the cigar is secondary until you learn that the cigar must
    be held straight ahead.


  • Once you can maintain a cigar straight, it then becomes a question of how well you can grip it;
    cigars are most commonly held between the index finger and thumb. So hold the cigar between
    these fingers and keep it straight. And the only slanting acceptable is vertical and horizontal. Anything else is sacrilege.


  • The word grip isn’t used carelessly here; make certain to apply pressure with the thumb and index finger once the cigar has achieved its proper place. A failure to properly secure the cigar introduces the risk of allowing the cigar to slip, which can prove dangerous when it has been lit. And rationally the cigar should be gripped at an appropriate distance from where you put your mouth.


Waving the cigar around and shaking it at other people is never advisable, not unless you want to sprinkle ash upon your companions.

Sometimes the key to properly handling a cigar is simply remembering that this is not a cigarette you a dealing with; and that means you cannot grip it between you forefinger and middle finger, or between the knuckles.

More unacceptable no matter the circles is holding it behind your ear as one would a pencil, not if you truly wish to maintain the allusion of a gentleman.
And when you are not puffing, the cigar has no businesses hanging around your mouth or sticking between your teeth. Rap videos aside, this is considered uncouth.


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