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The Latest Trend in Men’s Footwear: Men Loafers

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For most men, shoes mean laces that need to be tied up. This sometimes becomes quite uncomfortable and annoying to deal with, especially when you are running late. Now the simple loafers are lace-less! All you need is to slip them onto your feet and forget it. And with good quality loafers, shoe soresand blisters are things of the past.

As the days go by, these shoes are becoming very popular. The demand for these shoes is very high because of the excellent comfort level which they provide. Furthermore, these loafers are exceptionally designed shoes, and you can wear them with anything. Men’s designer loafers provide you with protection; therefore, they give more comfort to the feet. With the help of a cushion, you can now walk much more comfortably without additional stress.

The amazing quality of these shoes is that men can wear them to their offices as well as for casual occasions. Many men doubt if they would be able to team up their loafers with their formal clothes, but the answer is yes. Due to numerous designs that loafers have to offer, it has become extremely easy for men to pair these shoes with their different outfits; men can easily pair them up with their casual shirts and jeans as well as their formal suits.

Most of these shoes are made of leather, as leather is one material that guarantees comfort all day long. As these shoes consist of different designs, a range of diverse outfits looks very cool with them. You can also get them in colorful varieties like magenta, yellow, pink, green, red, and white. These shoes have also managed to gain global popularity due to the flair and variety which they exhibit. Apart from not having the stress of trying to lace them up, these shoes are also designed with a tight grip. The grip of the shoe has been created in a way that allows you to walk much faster for longer hours than usual.

The Carryover Church’s Beffcote sand suede loafer is ideal for any unique event. Whether it is a dinner or a formal office party, you can wear them on any and every occasion. Another pair, which is highly popular among all menfolk, is the Iconic Gucci GG burgundy loafer. This shoe was done with provision. Not only are the shoes comfortable, but the finishing is superb. The inside of the shoe is fitted with a golden lining, and the side stitching on the shoes gives them a unique look.

There are many different styles of loafers available, but the most common styles are moccasins, penny loafers, and tasseled. This article will consider each in turn.

Moccasins are the original loafer and arrived in the early 70s, and it was like a breath of fresh air for men who were tired of tying their shoelaces. Historians accredit the first pairs of moccasins to the Native Americans, and the name originates from the Algonquian, a Native American language. This style of the shoe had come a long way from its origin, when the Native Americans built the shoes by hand, from leathers and the hides of other animals.

Originally, moccasins were lined with rabbit fur, which kept feet warm in the, sometimes, freezing temperatures of North America. The definitive looks captured the fancy of men with their superior looks, polished uppers, and since then, it has become a hot favorite with all. The looks have improved so much so that one cannot tell the difference between formal shoes and moccasins.

The Penny Loafer is the preferred loafer style of the younger generation. However, they originate from the 1930s; the younger males consider them perfect for the retro look that is popular now. The Penny Loafers are so easy to spot since they have a strap across the top of the shoe. These straps are purely for decorative purposes; however, they produce an excellent effect.

One can also find non-tasseled or tasseled loafers for men that can be worn with jeans when you want to achieve an incredible casual look. These come in different colors, so that you can select the shade which suits most of your outfits. The shoes are made from various materials where you have the choice of either selecting leather, suede, or a wide array of horse bit material like bamboo or metal. The choice that you make not only depends on preferences but your personality as well. For instance, the slip-on will give you a great image.


All the men’s loafers are well lined from the inside, and the soles are made with firm rubber. This makes for a good grip, which in turn makes you feel confident. Small details like a tassel, buckle, fringe, metal logo, and visible seam, give the loafers a touch of class and make them stand apart. Boat loafers being very casual, can be worn with a nice cotton tee, a pair of shorts, and you’re ready to hit the beach.


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