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Vincero: Watches for Every Occasion

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Whether your style is classic, sporty or flashy, every gentleman needs a variety of watches to complete their wardrobe.  Different watches can suit different occasions, whether it’s to complete a power suit for the boardroom or a more durable timepiece for a Saturday night hanging with your crew.  A few essential timepieces should be part of your watch box.  We took a deeper look at what you need to build a stellar watch wardrobe.

For the Boardroom and Beyond – AKA The Dress Watch

The dress watch is a staple for everyone.  It is the watch that you can wear to a meeting, to a wedding or to another formal occasion.  This particular timepiece doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles – subtle dials and minimal functions are key to keep it classic and clean.  It is all about elegance and sophistication.   A metal strap is always classic, but leather really picks up the colour of the dial and makes your watch wardrobe more versatile.

Our picks for the dress watch are The Chrono S Rose Gold and The Bellwether Silver + White.  The Chrono S Rose Gold has it all.  A simple, black face keeps it classy.  The rose gold case elevates the overall look of the watch.  We love the brown croc strap, but you can change it up to fit your wardrobe.  The Bellwether exudes confidence without being flashy.  The navy strap makes it stand out and is a subtle pop of colour.

Timepiece: Chrono S Rose Gold

The Chrono S Rose Gold – $169.00 USD

Timepiece: The Bellwether

The Bellwether – $199.00 USD

For the Fashion Forward Guy – AKA The Trendy Watch

A stylish watch is something that isn’t too stuffy or too casual.  It is the best of both worlds and looks just as good during the day as it does for a night on the town.  Our picks are The Kairos Mesh Black/Gold and the slightly sportier The Rogue Black + Rose Gold.  The Karios is THE watch you need if a classic watch isn’t your thing, but you need something dressy for work.  The Rogue blends form and function in a more fashionable way than the traditional sports watch.  Rose gold accents give an elevated look to a trendy piece.

Timepiece: Kairos Black Gold Mesh

The Kairos Mesh Black/Gold – $149.00 USD

Rogue Black Rose Gold Watch

The Rogue Black + Rose Gold – $235.00 USD

The Everyday Watch – AKA Looking Good Without Trying Too Hard

Every gentleman needs a watch that he can put on that will work for any occasion.  You can wear it to the office or on the weekend and it suits both.  The Chrono S Matte Black works whether you are wearing something dressy or casual.  The all-black details give it a different look and feel than anything else that you may have in your watch wardrobe. The Karios Gunmetal/Walnut is your elevated, every day watch.

Watches: Chrono S Matte Black

The Chrono S Matte Black – $169.00 USD

Watches:Kairos Gunmetal Walnut

The Kairos Gunmetal/Walnut – $149.00

The Athlesiure Watch – AKA The Watch You Need for the Sports Bar or Traveling

Sometimes you want to wear sweats or shorts and you need a more casual watch to match your mood.  You still want to look good, but not like you are trying too hard.  The Altitude Silver/Black looks great, but the nylon strap gives it a more casual look.  If you are more of an all metal, all the time watch lover, The Chrono S Limited Release is perfect.  The white face gives it a more casual, classic look and the silver bracelet works with everything from jeans to sweats.  It is your go-to watch for travel.

Watches: Vincero Altitude Silver Black

The Altitude Silver/Black – $179.00

Watches: Chrono S Arsenal

The Chrono S Limited Release – $189.00 USD

The Rugged Watch – AKA The Watch for the Outdoorsy Type

If you live for the great outdoors, then you may need a watch that can take whatever you throw at it.  You may even need something that is water resistant.  The Rogue Silver + Black is tough and tender, just like you.  It is durable, but comfortable.  It is also water resistant and has a silicon strap.  The Altitude Silver and Navy is also water resistant, but the leather strap makes it ideal for hiking.  The blue face and more classic design means that you can pair it with casual wear too.

Watches: Rogue Silver Black

The Rogue Silver + Black – $235.00

Watches: Altitude Silver and Navy

The Altitude Silver and Navy – $179.00 USD

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