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Top 11 Best Underwear Picks for Men 2019

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We think so little of underwear, yet it drives us nuts when it doesn’t feel or fit right.

Imagine zero support or an itchy fabric causing you to keep tabs of your junk more often than whatever business is at hand. You then realize your plain whites that you’ve known since childhood matter, when they work so well that you barely remember having them on.

But with the continued development and growth of clothing in the modern age, what you wear down there isn’t limited to the old school tidy whites anymore.

So if you can wear fancy and comfortable tops and bottoms, why should underwear be any different?

Our top 11 underwear choices for men ensure that whichever one you fancy, you’ll be thanking yourself later.


Related Garments Boxer Briefs

The good folks of Related Garments have taken boxer briefs to a new level with their plethora of colors and patterns in their  lineup. With underwear styles featuring atlas luxe blends, back closure labels and non-rolled jacquard waistbands, you can feel confident in being dressed for comfort and success. There’s a reason to have awesome underwear after all.


Saxx Underwear Trunks

Saxx has made a name for themselves in the department of undergarments with their signature 3D hammock-shaped pouch. Let’s not forget he mesh panels and flat out seams prevents friction and ensures more than sufficient support. And of course, who can resist their own unique blend of patterns and colors that will make you feel like a rockstar on their own?


Nice Laundry Slim Fit Boxers

Classics are named for a reason, and woven boxers are as traditionally cool as you can get. That is, until Nice Laundry decided to create their own take on it using a flattering silhouette that is defined  by quality tailoring and super-breathable stretch pima cotton. While these feel absolutely amazing touch, they’re perfect for those who love slim-fit pants with a passion, ensuring that the attention is always where it should be.


Polo Ralph Lauren Cotton Stretch Boxer Briefs

Some brands are so iconic that whatever product they bring forth will turn heads and make hay. This has been the business of Polo by Ralph Lauren, as they’ve become synonymous with excellence and quality the world over. And their underwear proudly lives up to this elegant tradition with their tailored fit fabric, with the brand name proudly flying on the garter and the classic logo embroidered on one leg side to top it off in perfection.


Tommy John Trunks

No adjustment needed, so goes this notable underwear brand. And why not? When the world needs your attention and your need certain things to stay in place, Tommy John has you covered. Their trunks are made with highly breathable fabric, designed to provide support combined with a seamless beauty that makes it look and feel like a tailor-made suit hugging your body like no one else can. What more can you ask for?


Contenders Clothing Boxer Briefs

With Sylvester Stallone bidding farewell to his iconic character after over 40 years in many minds and heart, it’s time to recognize the inspirational spirit of the Italian Stallion with some badass Rocky Balboa undergarments. These  super soft, super stretchy boxer briefs don’t just give you the support a world champion deserves, but they sport a look that’s as legendary as perhaps the most famous pugilist ever sans Muhammad Ali.


Calvin Klein Trunks

This brand has dominated the undergarment market for nearly three decades for good reason. There’s brilliant ads featuring the likes of Mark Wahlberg. And the world-recognized simple yet memorable logo. And of course, with choices from trunks to boxers to briefs with the same classic comfort in different colors to choose from, it’s easy to see why people will continue saying, “Calvin Klein, or nothing at all”.


American Eagle Trunks

We all know American Eagle as that brand that dominated your high school fashion life, but there are some things you’ll never grow out of, like perfect underwear. And yes, their brand is truly a keeper thanks to the lightweight fabric that keeps things south of the border toasty warm even during the winter months. Of course, with a brand name screaming the might of America’s national bird, you’d be crazy to somehow not have these trunks in your talons (or hands, rather).


Under Armour Men’s Boxers

Think boxing and Under Armour is likely to come to mind. Their compression gear changed how athletes suit up for competition, and their innovative undergarments remain a knockout choice for both the sports pros and those seeking the perfect gear for their own personal needs. Whether it’s lifting or fooball, they have something for you and will always remain in contention as a brand that raises the bar and kicks the game into a higher gear.


Tommy Hilfiger Boxer Briefs

Another clothing brand that has gained worldwide recognition is Tommy Hilfiger, with a reputation for being both comfortable and stylish by nature. Their boxer briefs live up to this legacy with breathable fabric that provides the support you need, while a range of colors give it the variety that would brighten even the most drab of days. And while a relative newcomer against many other established brands in this department, they’re always in the thick of contention ready to rise to your everyday challenges.


Jockey Classic Full Rise Briefs

Before boxers and low-cut briefs became vogue, there were the classic full-rise briefs. And holding its own very well in this market is Jockey, a brand so synonymous with underwear that it has even gained its place in many cultures as slang for underwear. The perfectly snug fit still allows your junk ample support and comfort for the day’s activities, while it now embraces a variety of colors and patterns that will make forget your tidy whites.

WAMA Underwear

At WAMA Underwear they believe in the preservation of planet earth by using more of what mother nature has provided us.

HUNK2 Underwear

Premium underwear for men at a price a man can definitely afford. Fairly new to the market but definitely worth the price tag. The various styles and colours make Hunk2 a top choice for Honorable mention in our list. Comfort and style are hallmark traits for this brand and our wives couldn’t agree more.

Skull & Bones NY

Unlike a lot of brands that promise their customers something cheesy to differentiate their products from the pack — gimmicks about magical waistbands, restructured flys, or the ability to get you laid — Skull and bones obsessively focus on the construction and design of our their underwear. We found them to be super comfortable and have some of the most unique prints on the market today.



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