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Stuart + Lau’s 5 Best Bags To Complete Your Look

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In this modern age where more people travel more miles more frequently than ever before, having what you need wherever you go can make all the difference between success and disaster.

The legendary James Bond himself knew the importance of having the right items to join him on his international forays.

Now, you can travel in style with everything in its proper place with these cool gift items for the man (yes, you!) courtesy of Stuart & Lau:


    1. The Laptop Sleeve

Few things have become as ubiquitous with business on the go as laptop computers.

As powerful devices that can do a multitude of things, they deserve to be treated with respect and admiration.

And what better way to do so than to dress it with a laptop sleeve from Stuart & Lau?

The ever stylish and tough signature Duralite fabric comes with a full grain leather handle at the base for a comfortable and secure grip, while its soft blend twill lining gives it a nice layer of cushioning.

The expanding concertina construction give it a surprising amount of space, able to accommodate up to 15” devices along with a zippered microfiber pocket for valuables.

Magnetic closures help secure the top flap while the back sleeve has important items at the ready. And in the lovely shades of navy, black or olive, bringing your laptop wherever you are will feel as elegant as bringing along one of their signature bags.


    1. The Toiletry Kit.

Anytime you step out of the house or your hotel, looking your best is very important and proper grooming helps you achieve that goal.

And now, the perfect gift this holiday season has arrived with their exclusive toiletry kit.

Made from their signature Duralite fabric with genuine leather trim outside and a rubberized waterproof lining on the inside, this kit comes with a toothbrush sleeve and a transparent waterproof wet bag, as well as mesh pocket to keep the little things in order.

Included in the package are Fulton & Roark’s 2-in-1 shampoo, facial wash, facial moisturizer and a $42 gift card for one of their signature solid colognes.

This lovely set opens in clam-shell style for easy access and is available in black and navy colors. Now who said looking good had to be a chore, when your toiletry kit can look just as dashing as you?


3.The Regimen Gym Bag

Normally, being fit and getting business done requires a lot to carry between the gym and work. But with their awesome looking and highly functional gym bag, this dilemma is certain to be a thing of the past. For starters, the black Duralite nylon with waterproof rubber backing guarantees both stylish appeal and superb protection for your precious items, with the YKK Excella zipper accentuating the package in lovely hand polished gunmetal. A separate waterproof shoe compartment with quick closure snaps had them handy while keeping everything inside nice and dry. Dedicated side sleeves on the outside and within the spacious 45L main compartment ensure everything from documents to other personal effects are on hand at every moment. And in the gym, a swiveling locker hook keeps it at convenient height, while the reinforced D-rings ensure you never have to worry about it going anywhere without your knowledge. Because in a world where mobility matters, getting the right bag for the perfect occasion is now a reality that you can look good carrying around with you.


    1. The Slim Wallet

No self-respecting traveler would be without their wallet carrying money, cards, IDs and other key items.

To help you carry these in comfort and style, they’ve introduced their sleek and stylish slim wallet.

Made from just four cuts of vegetable tanned Italian leather, stitched with nylon thread and lined with soft suede, the minimalist appeal of this wallet shines through in your choice of cognac, stone, evergreen, chocolate, saffiano black or navy.

The flat pack system allows it to hold up to 10 cards without getting bulky, while a quick access slot keeps them handy at a moment’s notice.

And to ensure your credit card data remains secure, the interior is lined with RFID blocking technology, resulting in a marriage of modern technology and timeless craftsmanship that will make it equally at home in your pocket or outside of it.

Because while just about any wallet can hold your important items, there’s nothing like having a wallet that exudes the appeal of its owner as well.


1.The Carry Briefcase

There’s no love like your first one, and their classic briefcase guarantees a match made in heaven whether you’re a jet-setter or occasional tourist.

Complete with its own umbrella holder for a rainy day (pun intended), the waterproof Duralite bag and YKK Excella plated nickel zipper guarantees excellent protection for your valuable and neatly arranged items with elastic pouches for organizing cards and cords, while the smart external sleeves keep your newspapers, magazines and even crucial documents within easy reach.

Your laptop stays nicely put with an internal sleeve plus a hidden stow with microfiber lining that serves as a screen wipe for your phone and glasses, and a magnetic key ring for easier access.

The full grain leather handles, strap, and trim are wonderfully accented with hand polished plated nickel hardware, giving it a uniquely stylish look that’s available in combos of navy and tan, black-on-black, navy and black, olive and black, and tobacco and tan.

And lest one forgets, it even has the signature bag tag with the all-important detachable pen in case you need to sign or fill out anything critical, while a padded adjustable leather shoulder strap makes carrying it around easy as pie.


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