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What will Suit your Occasion?

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It’s never easy getting the look right on the day, as fashions come and go and you can feel like you’ve been left behind before you’ve even started. Although we’re usually told what clothes will and won’t work, our own personal tastes try to dictate and take over. You’ll need to look your best no matter the event though, so what fashion tips should you follow?

For every situation, there’s clothes to match. Noose & Monkey, a key player in men’s fashion and prom suits, has helped us put together this definitive guide of what to wear at some of the most important occasions you’ll ever attend.

The job interview

Attending a job interview is all about being in control and feeling confident about the situation, so you’ll need some clothes to match this attitude. If you want to nail this look, carry out some research so you can match your outfit appropriately to the business that you’re applying for.

More subtle colours such as navy or grey are good in these situations. They’re not only sophisticated, but bold and not too over the top. Wear with a white shirt and couple it with a block coloured tie without looking like you’ve gone to too much effort.

Remember, try not to overdo the accessories. Watches are good and look smart, but features like cufflinks and pocket squares look flamboyant – as though you’re going to a celebratory event – so make sure they’re right for the context of the interview. Earrings, bracelets and neck chains can also look unprofessional, so try not to include these items.

For your feet, wear with a pair of brogues or smart leather shoes. Always remember the golden rule though – don’t wear brown shoes with a black suit.

What to wear at a wedding

Your wedding isn’t just a great place to have fun, it’s also the most important day of a couple’s life. However, don’t worry – it’s easy to look good at them – as long as you don’t try to outdo the groom. Unlike the interview, tie clips, pocket squares and cufflinks are all appropriate for the big day, but make sure that you wear these items with an added attitude of style and confidence.

If you’re lucky enough to be the groom, then make sure that you wear something that looks great alongside your wife’s dress. Don’t take the attention away from her, by ensuring that the suit is a compliment to the dress and not an overstatement.

Black tie dinner

Offering all the glamour of a black and white film, a black-tie dinner emulates the decadence of Truman Capote’s black tie event held in 1966 at The Plaza Hotel. You’ll need the clothes to match, as a full tuxedo and a tie is required at this event. Finish off this look with a cummerbund; this sits around your waist just above your trousers – it’s important that you wear one or you won’t be able to complete the look.


Depending on the occasion, your outfit will always change – but you need to make sure that it is always personal to you. If you stick to these guidelines, but also include your own personal twist, then you’re sure to nail every look that you go for. Remember, confidence is key. Therefore, make sure you’re happy in the clothes you’re wearing, otherwise you’ll not make the right impression in an outfit that’s a knockout.


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