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Must have Tech and Gadgets for Halloween

Sailun Tires

ndin‘Tis the season to be scary!

Halloween is definitely the best excuse to have fun, play pranks, and dress up in style. And the good news is, there is no shortage of gadgets and accessories that will help you achieve exactly the look and mood  you want.

So, get ready to add to cart and checkout! Whether you just want to get in the right mood with frighteningly cute gadgets or you want to set the stage for the spookiest party ever, here are top gadgets you need to celebrate Halloween  2022:

1. Pumpkin speaker and projector

Bluetooth party speakers come in all shapes and sizes and we found the perfect one for halloween! This Jabberin Jack will help set the mood right with all its singing, dancing, and joking. The pumpkin is also animated and has dozens of fascinating  facial expressions. You can even choose its personality from spooky, traditional, or spooky.

It will be a great addition to your party setup and is sure to entertain kids and adults for hours.

2. Halloween keycap

Still working from home? Now back in the office? Either way, this Halloween keyboard is the perfect gadget to help you add a touch of spookiness to your work station. Type in style with these black and orange Halloween keycaps with interesting designs of spiders, skulls, and other design elements. Give your keyboard the perfect look and type in style.

3. Desk pad

With just the right mix of scary and cute elements, this giant Halloween desk pad would make a great addition to your work station too. Whether you are typing away at your keyboard or aggressively gaming, it will protect your desk while allowing you to work more comfortably. Because it’s non-slip, it will stay in place even if you move around your mouse a lot. It’s also water-resistant, making it very easy to clean.

4. Halloween watch strap

Don’t forget to dress up your watch to match the season! The perfect accessory when you don’t want to go all out with your halloween look, this watch strap will help you get in the halloween mood without having to give anyone a fright. Since it’s very subtle, you can even wear it to work or to meetings without even anyone noticing!

5. Iron Man Wrist Armor

Want to truly level up your costume and make your superhero dreams come true? Suit up and get ready for battle with this extremely realistic-looking Iron Man wrist armor. This full-sized wearable props boasts a LED light on the inside of the hand and blasting sounds when used. It can even be opened and closed! You’ll surely be the star of any party with this realistic-looking accessory.

6. Levitating skull night light

AIming to host the spookiest halloween party ever? Then you need this levitating and rotating skull night light. This gravity-defying wonder would be a great addition out in the yard or up in the mantle. What’s even more amazing is how it can rotate without the need for manual intervention. What an effortless way to scare guests and make your party even more interesting!

7.Toilet night light

Yes, you can add a touch of halloween even in your toilet. This toilet night light detects motion from up to 5 feet away and instantly lights up when someone is moving around! Imagine the reaction of your guests when they go to a dark bathroom and find the toilet bowl glowing in different colors. It’s a surefire way to keep things interesting.

The best part? It’s not only creepy but very useful too. Even after halloween you can continue using it to make the bathroom trip more convenient or to help small kids with toilet training.

8. Galaxy crystal ball

Here’s another item that is sure to make any halloween party more interesting. Surprise your guests and add a touch of mystery to your home with this galaxy crystal ball. Convince them that they are about to see the future and will be able to find  answers to  questions that have been bothering their minds.

Made from premium crystal material, the ball has a unique galaxy design for extra magic flair.

9. Crawling zombie

Is your goal to frighten everyone who visits your home? Then look no further than this crawling zombie! It crawls and climbs on its own or it can be repositioned to recreate scenes of classic horror. It measures 43.3 inches and even comes with LED eyes and makes spooky sounds to help set the scary atmosphere. If zombies are a big part of your life, then you must have this in your home. Who knows? You might even love it enough to keep it on display all year round!

10. Creepy Halloween doll


If you’re really looking to scare your neighbors, then it really doesn’t get any better than this creepy halloween doll that is sure to scare kids and grownups alike. Measuring at 4-feet, it comes with super realistic details like ghoulish hands and piercing LED eyes. It even comes with pivoting wheels that will allow it to roam from room to room and scare guests wherever they are. For maximum halloween effects, turn off the lights and for her to start talking to surprise your unsuspecting guests.



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