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Telemedicine: Dr. Saeed Khan speaks as both a physician and a patient

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Dr. Saeed Khan has been in medicine for over 39 years.  As an internist during that time, he has seen patients with almost every kind of condition or disease.  But Covid-19 and its ravages have been the worst, taking lives indiscriminately at record pace.

Although telemedicine has been around for a while, Saeed Khan MD of Okeechobee, Florida has used it on a limited, basis until recently, as much of internal medicine involves the interaction of the physician, patient, and family. This is best done in person when conditions permit. Unfortunately, Dr. Saeed Khan, like so many of his patients, suffered a severe case of Covid early in 2021, that required hospitalization and being on a ventilator for several weeks.  Due to this and because of the existence of other underlying health conditions, he has now chosen to see patients where appropriate via telemedicine.  So where medically valuable and logistically possible, Saeed Khan MD has used telemedicine to continue helping his patients. 

In addition to some of the benefits telemedicine provides such as safety during a pandemic, other benefits include:

  • Providing medical care to patients who live in remote, rural areas with limited access to health care providers.

  • Providing medical care to patients who are home bound and lack transportation to health care providers.

  • Reducing cost to patients because of reduced cost in transportation.
  • Reducing time needed

  • Protecting medical nursing and office staff by limiting their exposure to life threatening conditions.

As technology continues to improve, telemedicine may become the norm providing benefits in both pandemic and non-pandemic times.


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