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Display Mounting Tips and Tricks for AV Systems

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There are many considerations while setting up multiple displays. Professional AV control solutions such as Neets are equipped with the essential expertise and skills to provide wholesome service. It includes setting up multiple displays and mounting them correctly.

Wall mounting can be a hassle in and of itself. Add the complications of setting up correct connections when a large number of devices are concerned, and you have a pretty complex system to take care of.

Proper installation and setup of display mounting are always one of the primary concerns of AV systems designers and project managers.

Here are some tips and tricks for AV system designers concerning display mounting:

  1. To make sure that multiple displays are hung on the same plane it’s important to use video wall mounts. Leveling the mount can be a cumbersome task but sometimes you can “auto-level” it – such as with the VESA brackets.

  2. Adjustable poles are critical to good display leveling. Poles using NPT can be used in conjunction with a coupling. A few cranks to lower or raise a side will hopefully line the displays up perfectly.

  3. Multi-display mounts although make life easier but are pretty expensive. It’s typical for organizations to not be financially strong enough to go for such mounts. In that case, separate mounts work best.

  4. If you’re going for multi-display mounts, then chief mounts that can mount straight to the Unistrut work the best and are the easiest to set up.

  5. Crooked, unbalanced, or unleveled desks can also contribute to a bad alignment of multiple displays. Before you even get started with mounting your displays, it’s important to first level everything else and keep flat surfaces to build upon.

It’s important to note here that professional AV control solutions can take care of all types of wall mounting and display-specific requirements.


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