5 Driving Accessories you Need if you Drive for Work

If you love your car, then you definitely love filling it up with some techy accessories that make your car look even cooler. But car accessories can do so much more than make your car look cool. If chosen the right ones, they can provide functionality, usability, and accessibility, all of the elements that significantly enhance your driving experience and make it much more pleasant.

We know that there are far too many car accessories in the market, while you only have space for few of them, so let’s make those few accessories count and install the ones in your car that you really need. Today, we are aiming to help you buy the best car accessories that you will need on your drive to work. Thanks to their practical use, we strongly believe that our list of car accessories will greatly benefit your work life in all ways possible. Let’s begin!

Phone Holder 

Starting with the most basic one, the phone holder. This car accessory doesn’t take much space in your car, isn’t expensive at all and is extremely simple to install it in your vehicle. But this doesn’t mean it is unable to help you with work related tasks that might need to be done on your drive to work. Let’s suppose you are on your way to work, but during the drive, a valuable client video calls you in the middle of it. Not answering the call might lead to you losing the client. Now, if your phone is neatly and accessibly mounted on the phone holder, a video call with your client won’t be such a difficult task at all. The holder will keep your phone in the right angle so that the client can see and converse with you, while your hands are free to steer the car safely on the road, all the while you can listen and talk with the client. The phone holder can also assist you if you are new to your work destination and still are unfamiliar with the road, you can easily mark the destination on your phone’s GPS and view the road and instructions displayed on the phone while the holder keeps the phone in front of you so that your hands are free to drive the car.

USB Charger

Moving on from phone holders to car mobile chargers. We have all been in situations where we hesitantly leave our homes because our phones aren’t charged enough to survive the trip outside but sadly, we have no choice. Since we are so dependent on your smartphones, keeping them charged up is an extremely important task so that our daily routine can functional normally. If our phones die out for even a few minutes, without a doubt you whole life will come to an instant halt. Same science applies to your work. Going out to your job with a dead phone is same as staying home from work and not showing up at all. So, what’s the best to ensure you never have to leave for work with your phone half dead? You certainly can’t always have your phone fully charged every single night of your life; you are bound to make mistakes. So then, what’s the solution? Simple. USB Charger. This life saving technology will make sure that when you arrive on your workplace, your phone is fully charged and ready to be used all day long without dying out. How? By charging your phone while you drive to work.

Dash Cam 

There was a time when only a few people in the whole country used Dash Cams because of their limited features and usability. Now, thanks to the advanced technology, almost everyone can make good use of these amazing devices. Not only will the Dash Cam provide you with crystal clear footage of all the events that took place on your journey to work, but also it can provide you the much-needed evidence when you present your daily excuse to the boss on the subject of why you were late today. On a serious note, everybody is in a hurry when getting to work in the morning, in these fast moments, it’s quite common to get caught up in car crashes. The Dash Cam will provide you with rock solid evidence to prove your innocence in the case of an accident and make sure that your drives to your work are safe and sound. 


When a serious need for navigation arises and the problem of getting late to work persists, the built-in mobile GPS just won’t cut it anymore. Rather, you should think of getting yourself a high-tech GPS system that can prove to useful and help you get to your workplace on time. These advance GPS systems are capable of charting the best and quickest routes to your work by filtering them out in terms of traffic, roadblocks, unusual activities, car crashes and other aspects. With this technology at your disposal, the chances of you getting late to work will greatly decreases, meaning you no longer would have to listen to your boss complaining about you not being on time to work.

Digital Assistant 

If you are getting way too many calls during your drive to work from your clients, colleagues or even your boss, then a phone holder isn’t going to cut it anymore. To keep you from getting caught in an accident because of phone related distractions, you need to get yourself a digital assistant that is capable of taking care of all the phone related tasks at your voice commands. Getting a phone call from work? Simply tell the digital assistant to pick up the phone. Want to call or text your colleagues or boss? Just say the words and it will be done. It will surely protect you from minor distractions leading to dire consequences especially in the morning time when everybody is in a rush to get to work.


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