Keep Your Cigars At Optimal Humidity

A cigar requires the right levels of humidity to allow good combustion of tobacco. Therefore, ensuring relative humidity inside your cigar humidor is vital. Also, to keep your cigars for longer and in the best state, a digital hygrometer is a must have accessories.

This article explains the conditions in which you should store your cigars and where you should store them at optimal humidity. Keep reading for more.

How To Store Your Cigars To Ensure Optimal Humidity

Cigars absorb too much moisture when it’s overly humid and dry out when temperatures hit high. Maintaining the right humidity levels ensures they retain the quality over time, giving you a crisp, flavorful smoke.

Temperature And Humidity

Keeping your cigars in a humidor is not enough to maintain the quality over time. Monitoring the temperature and humidity of your humidor is essential to retaining the flavor and aroma. These two factors should be checked regularly and kept at optimal levels.

There’s a rule that elaborates how to keep cigars. The ideal condition for cigars is 70 degrees Fahrenheit and 70% relative humidity. Hence, this condition prevents the cigar wrapper from becoming moldy or cracked

Humidors And Humidifiers

A passive or active humidifier maintains the relative humidity inside a humidor. Passive humidifiers are not electricity-powered, and they use basic vapor conduction to maintain relative humidity inside the humidor. However, active humidifiers are electricity-powered and have an in-built sensor to determine whether or not to add moisture.

A humidor is a well-made box exclusively designed for cigar storage. Humidors are designed to maintain the right humidity levels to keep the cigars in the best condition. Again, cigars are quite an investment and if you tend to go for the premium ones, then keeping them in the best state should be a priority.

You need a proper storage unit to keep your cigars fresh at all times. Cigar tobacco is humidity sensitive as it can both absorb and release moisture from the surrounding air. Some humidors such as hand-crafted ones are excellent at retaining humidity.

Additionally, they work well in humid conditions as they absorb external moisture and drive the moisture in to meet the cigars humidity requirements. The idea is to ensure you choose a high-quality functional cigar humidor; one that you can monitor and control.

How To Store A Humidor

How you store your humidor directly affects the quality of cigars inside. The best way to ensure the humidor functions right during storage is to keep it away from a window or a glass door. This is because direct sunlight can slowly but significantly heat up the humidor affecting the humidity levels.

The best approach would be to put humidor in a cool, dry place where humidity and temperature levels are likely to stay consistent. And, with a high-quality functional humidor, you can monitor the parameters and adjust them to ensure optimal levels.

Humidity is a major parameter to keep in check when storing cigars. Extremely high humidity levels can easily sog up your cigars rendering them useless. On the same note, low humidity levels can dry out the cigars, affecting the original flavor and aroma.


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