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5 Online Shopping Red Flags You Should Never Ignore

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Online shopping is fun and convenient, but it can also be risky. It may expose you to scammers and hackers. You could also lose money in fake deals, counterfeit products, or fake online shops.

Below is a look at 5 online shopping red flags you should never ignore and some safe online shopping tips.

1. No Customer Service Contact Information

When shopping online, you will most likely require customer support to complete your order or assistance with any issues that may arise when using the products.

Unlike a brick-and-mortar store, you cannot walk into the place to seek assistance. With online shopping, you are entirely dependent on the customer support offered online.

Yet, various review websites indicate that poor customer service is the most complained about issue. For instance, consumer reviews on show poor eBay customer service, and there are many similar alerts in regard to top popular shopping platforms.

Always check if an online store provides customer support contact information. Then, read the store’s reviews to determine if the customer service is reliable. Only make purchases with stores that offer excellent customer support.

2. Deals That Seem Too Good to Be True

Everyone wants to get a deal on their purchase. It saves you money or allows you to shop for more within your budget. However, not every deal is worth taking up. Some may be riskier than rewarding.

Fake online stores often use meager prices as a tactic to bait you into shopping with them. They sell low-quality products or may not have any products at all. So, you make a purchase but never receive your ordered items.

3. Unencrypted Website

One of the key measures for safe online shopping is to never shop on a website that is not encrypted. Always check the URL to ensure the website is secure. The protocol (the first part of the URL) should be HTTPS rather than HTTP. An encrypted website also has a locked padlock icon in front of the URL.

When transacting on unsecured websites, scammers and hackers can easily intercept your personal and financial information as it is transferred across the server. This makes you prone to various online scams such as identity theft, fraud, malware, cyber threats, etc.

4. Unusual Payment Methods

Hold off on your purchase if an online store requires that you use money orders, cryptocurrencies, bank transfers, wire transfers, or P2P payment options. It is impossible to get your money back if you have an issue.

The safest payment option for online purchases is a credit card, as it is not directly tied up to your bank account, and you can follow up with your provider for a refund in case of issues with the purchase. Don’t use our debit card to pay as it is linked to our account.

5. A Site That Asks for Too Much Information

It is normal for online stores to ask for information such as your name, email or phone number, and delivery address to facilitate your order fulfillment. You will also be required to enter your financial information at checkout.

However, beware if they ask for additional information, such as your social security number and bank account details. Also, check the website’s privacy policy to ensure the information you provide is used appropriately and not shared with third parties.


Safe online shopping requires that you exercise caution. Scrutinize online stores to ensure they are legit and secure before making your order. Check online reviews to determine if customers encounter issues when shopping and whether the customer service is responsive. Use a payment method that is easily refundable and does not provide too much information.


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