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5 Reasons You Should Be Cautious While Driving Around Trucks

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It is important to always be attentive and aware of the traffic around you while driving on the road. Road accidents are dangerous and can lead to severe injuries or even death. Large-sized vehicles, particularly trucks, pose a bigger threat to the commercial vehicles driving around them. This happens because of two reasons – the bulky body of the truck and several blind spots. Accidents involving trucks can be catastrophic, and if you hit the truck, it can cause significant damage to your vehicle. 

In an accident, it is always smart to consult a lawyer. Finding the right truck attorney is complicated, and you should have the right knowledge before hiring one for your case. To make the right decision, learn what a truck accident lawyer does

While truck accidents can happen even with the most skilled and cautious drivers, there are still a few reasons you should pay extra attention when driving near a truck. Take a look.

1. Larger Blind Spots

Larger commercial vehicles have greater blind spots because of their massive size. If you try to change lanes or overtake the trucks, you are at a higher risk of a truck accident. One rule says that if you cannot see the driver in their side mirror, they can’t see you either. Be alert in such cases. Do not try to overtake them in heavy traffic. Typically the blind spots of the truck range from 20 feet in front of the truck to 30 feet in the back.

2.  Trucks are heavy and need more time to make any turns

Trucks take more space and time when they turn and are followed by a trailer. If you are driving near trucks, you need to give them enough time to make the turns or change the lanes. Also, since trucks usually have only 2-3 lanes, it is important not to overtake them when they give indicators to change lanes. There are higher chances of an accident If you try to overtake them.

3. Trucks carry inflammable and hazardous substances

It is important to keep in mind that large trucks carry-

  • Inflammable and hazardous materials like Kerosene, Petrol, Gasoline, Diesel, Fireworks, Dry Ice, propane, ammunition, etc. and

  • Chemicals such as Arsenic, Lead and others.

There are possible chances of a leakage or a spill if handled incorrectly. Hence, to be on the safe side, it’s important to be precautious while driving around them.

4. They take longer time to stop than cars

An average truck weighs three times more than a car. Because trucks are heavier in size and machinery, you must activate your signal early and give truck drivers enough space for them to respond and bring their trucks to a halt. Suppose you try a quick lane change without alerting them in advance. In that case, the driver will not be able to take action immediately, and you will end up in an accident.

If you are driving behind a truck, always maintain a safe distance.

5. Truck drivers can be tired because of the long runs

Since truck drivers have specific deadlines to deliver loaded cargo, they might drive for long hours at a stretch. However, several states cap the number of hours a truck driver can drive without a break, yet several drivers ignore the limit. It often leads to them being tired. It is safer to keep this in mind while driving around them.

Safety Tips to follow when around trucks

  • Avoid driving too close to a truck.
  • Stay focused and be careful for wide turns.
  • Avoid driving in a truck’s blind spot.
  • Avoid tailgating the truck.
  • Give trucks enough space and maintain a good following distance.

Always be prepared in case of a medical emergency and keep a first-aid kit ready. In case of an accident, dial the emergency services and don’t ignore your injuries. Truck accidents can be fatal, and safety around them is a smart move. If you land in a truck accident with a truck, contact an experienced truck attorney.


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