6 Vaping Tips for Newbies

Vaping is quickly becoming one of the most popular things in society today. Not only is it a lot less dangerous to your health than cigarettes, but it’s easy to get started. Whether you’re a long-time cigarette smoker or you’re looking to explore many of the exciting flavors found in e-liquids, it can be intimidating to start vaping.


It’s time to make the transition to the world of e-cigarettes. There’s nothing to gain from expensive, traditional cigarettes that lead to cancer and heart problems. Instead, embrace the world of vaping with these tips below.

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1. Use the Right E-Liquids

When you’re first getting started vaping, it’s tempting to opt for the cheapest vape juice you can find for your e-cigarette. These low-quality liquids aren’t a good choice. Not only can they contain impurities, but the taste isn’t likely to last.


It’s best to go with a reputable vapor juice store online which uses only medical-grade nicotine and food-grade ingredients. You don’t want to risk your health when it comes to what you inhale into your body. It’s worth the little bit of extra cash to taste the difference.

2. Understand PG/VG Ratios

Before you go shopping for your next vape juice, learn a few things about PG/VG ratios. VG stands for vegetable glycerine. If you have a high VG, you’ll experience smoother hits and thicker smoke. On the other hand, a low VG will create smaller smoke clouds and a deeper hit in your throat.


It will be up to you whether you prefer a high or low PG/VG ratio. While high VG is usually considered to be higher in quality, it will still come down to preference. If you have an allergy or are new to smoking, a high VG is recommended.

3. Store Your E-Liquid in a Dark Place

Another important part of your e-liquid maintenance is to store your liquid in a dark place. A premium liquid can be brought back to life in a dark room if it’s left for a week or more. Think of your e-juices like a fine wine. They’re not usually ready to consume as soon as you purchase them. The finer the wine, the more it needs to “air” before it’s time to use. Some marination goes a long way.

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4. Shake Your Juices Before Using Them

If you’ve been storing your e-juices for a while, don’t just use them without some preparation. The PG/VG levels and nicotine can settle strangely if left idle for too long. Don’t worry, it’s easy to make them ready for use.


When you shake your vape juice up before use, all of your levels can return to normal. In addition, let it breathe for a few minutes to make sure the flavor isn’t too strong. However, don’t leave your vape juice open for more than 30 minutes or you’ll lose on your flavor quality.

5. Clean Your E-Tank Regularly

Your e-tank is the part of your vape that holds your e-juices. It’s exposed to the heating element so it needs to be cleaned regularly to keep it performing well. It’s easy to clean your vape tank to prevent damage and keep gunk from building up. If possible, clean you e-tank every week if you’re using it regularly.


A quick clean is as simple as rinsing with warm water between different types of liquids. If you notice any gunk building up, you’ll need a deeper clean. For a deep clean, use high-proof alcohol like vodka. Rub any dirty areas and rinse with warm water. It’s best to use a high-proof, safe for consuming alcohol because isopropyl rubbing alcohol can be harmful to your lungs. Finally, replace any parts that are no longer working properly to make sure they don’t harm the rest of your device.

6. Stop Vaper’s Tongue

One weird side effect of frequent vaping is known as vaper’s tongue. This is common and happens if you use a single flavor of e-juice for too long. Basically, you’ll be unable to taste the flavor anymore. Don’t freak out! Nothing is wrong with you medically. This is actually really common among traditional cigarette smokers as well.


The best way to defeat vaper’s tongue is to switch to a different flavor. You can go back to the original in a little bit without a problem. Make sure you’re hydrated and taking care of your body in the meantime.


The tips above are must-follows for any new or experienced vapers. It’s easy to make mistakes like forgetting to clean your tank or not switching flavors, but you’ll quickly catch on to the best practices. These tips will make sure you enjoy the best of vaping every time.



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